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    Old socks for the final !!

    Got to be done
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    Jobs At City

    My daughter is looking for a job at City on the photography side. I have told her to write a letter telling them what she wants and her experience. Does anyone know who at City she should write to? I've looked on the OS and can't find anything. Thanks in advance.
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    Kneel before Yaya - City's General Zod

    Shit article in The Gaurniad but great quote re Zabba
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    Two stories - one quote

    David Plat is quoted on Scott Sinclair in the following two articles. The quotes are the same but the headline and the stance of each story is completely different. Just shows how the media can twist things to suit their own needs...
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    Stone Roses tonight

    What a loaf of shite! Never seen so many people walk out of a gig. Can't fault Mani or Squires but Ian Brown, I'm afraid it's time to hang up the microphone. Seriously, if you've got tickets for the weekend, get rid.
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    Executive Seats, 1894 Club Bar or Commonwealth Bar

    Does anyone have any of these? How much does it cost and is it worth it? Do you have to pay extra for cup matches and can you bring guests? I'm just looking to watch next season away from all you usual riff raff that go to COMS.
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    Britain's rudest place names I think 10 is my favourite.
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    Jozman's first thread

    With his insightful posts on nearly every thread on the forum he has already reached 50+ posts. Almost at the 100 post mark. C'mon lad, you can do it. Any thoughts on what his first thread will be about? Tip: Don't do Muffin or Barm - it's been done. (Btw it's Barm).
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    Don't go to Castellon shop for tickets!

    Only available at the stadium now. Just queuing now. About 30 in front of me. -- Wed Nov 02, 2011 10:44 am -- Just picked up two no problem but the locals are buying them up 5 at a time to sell on so should be loads available outside later
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    Clicked thru on the banner advert on BM and it took me to These people are advertising tickets for the Community Shield as well as our league games including the swamp derby. Also randomly looked at Arsenal v Liverpool and they've got tickets in both the...
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    Important info - no replica shirts in Club Wembley

    Just received this from my mate who is letting me have a couple of tickets...
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    30 Years Ago Today

    City 0 Birmingham 1 - my first City game. Book and Allison had just been sacked and John Bond was in the crowd having been appointed as the replacement. Can't remember the team but I think Corrigan, Caton, Henry, Power, Reid, Mckenzie and Bennett were in the side and most definately in the...
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    ...and the waters did rise and the world became blue

    Sorry if posted already... ........ And the prophet SAF did lead the ManU out of the wilderness to reside in splendour in the land of Old. For 20 years the SKY god did favour them above all others with gold and they did feast on the prawns, and they grew greedy and fat. And foreign...
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    Tevez song for the Fenhurst

    Haven't got a ticket so I won't be there but there are going to be enough Bluemooners there to get this song started and if we can get the Fenhurst singing it we can get the rest of the crowd going. Anything but that moronic 'not munich any more' song You'll always shag the sexy birds Tevez...
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    We missed Danny Mills today

    never mind Stevie I, time to get DM's new contract sorted methinks
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