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    United thread 2018/19

    A mate of mine who's a blue, but gets snippets from the swamp told me to today that Pogba and his agent are pushing hard for a move. Apparently Mourinho isn't that arsed as long as he can buy again, but the club are worried about the image it portrays if their poster boy wants out. This could...
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    General transfer rumours

    If he won't sign sell him, but he needs to tread carefully because if Spain's big two and Bayern aren't interested he may end up taking a backward step.
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    It's quiet... summer 2018.

    Think you've hit the nail on the head with the observation that Pogba is a bit of a numb fucker, as sometimes he does have a bit of a vacant look about him. He clearly has ability, but as you say he never seems to know where he should be, which could be the reason he's had spats with the not so...
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    It's quiet... summer 2018.

    I take your point, but Nzonzi is a good player who could do a job for us.
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    It's quiet... summer 2018.

    The same Nzonzi who is in the France team that just won football's biggest prize (Net Spend trophy aside for a lurking dippers) as opposed to Fabinho who didn't make the squad.
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    Players who might improve us

    For what it's worth I think he'll try and get a move this summer and after France winning the World Cup the rags may decide to cash in whilst his stock is high. I honestly think he never really want to go back to the swamp, but because of that fat greedy bastard Riaola he was left with no choice...
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    Media persecution of Raheem Sterling

    It's borderline criminal and in some cases actually criminal when you read some of the stuff written about the kid. The club needs to address this and in cases where the press are printing complete and utter bullshit fight back with litigation.
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    Players who might improve us

    I'm gonna put my neck on the chopping block and say Pogba could do a job for us. The useless duffer we see playing for the rags isn't the same player who turns out for France. Mourinho cannot develope players in the way Pep can, because he's limited and knows only one way to line a team up. Pep...
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    Yaya says Pep "does not like African players" - Pep says "he's lying and knows it"

    Think you've pretty much summed it up there, it's a results business and Pep delivered.
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    Ronaldo (Signed for Juventus)

    Despite his age, contract size and fee this transfer will pay for its self and then some, however it may impact on the squad harmony if he starts giving it Billy Big Bollocks. He can still do a job, especially in Serie A and is probably fitter than a lot of players younger than himself so he's...
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    Kia Sportage

    Isn't the CX-5 a Mazda.
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    Sporting Lisbon crisis, could we use anybody?

    Failed to qualify for the Champions League and attacked by masked fans. Good job they didn't support City from 76 to 2010, they'd have been at the training ground on a weekly basis twatting players.
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    Thomas Lemar

    Certain clubs do seem to get better value for money than others. Take Bonnuci for example he was a snip at €28 million.
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    Transfer Tavern

    I've seen that shit on news now and you're right the articles are always anti City and negative. The articles are produced by no marks who just want clicks.
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    Key 103..

    I'm pretty certain she left Key 103 and went to live in South Africa as her fella got a job over there.
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    Kylian Mbappe

    It'll be interesting to see how this whole PSG situation pans out during the summer. If the reports in the media have any substance it's likely that Neymar is going to force a move, probably to Madrid, so would this have an impact on the Mbappe deal. Surely they will still face sanctions...
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    Kylian Mbappe

    Or the half starved horse.
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    He's in the same bracket as Sergio, approaching 30, but still one of the best in the business when it comes to finding the back of the net. Few are far between are forwards of this calibre.
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    General transfer rumours

    How many league goals would Sergio score if he remained fit for the entire season, my guess would be 30 plus easily. As for replacing him, well good luck with that because no one will ever replicate his achievements at the club. As for Griezmann and Dybala neither are even close to being in his...
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    Something Blue is coming....

    Funnily enough the masked person does have a similar gait and walk to Mario.
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