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    Going to bed early

    Have you started to turn in earlier than you normally would? Between being off work and no football I'm going up early which I expected it to be the opposite. Once I have seen the news at six there's fk all on the box and by ten I'd rather read this forum than another news, never noticed how...
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    Hand washing

    Just thought as an additional bit of advice I think we should remove hand jewelry. Haven't removed my wedding ring since I married over 30 years ago but off now until things are sorted ( save the kids cutting my finger off should I not make it). Washing easier without it to be honest.
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    Eddie Jones (England coach)

    Eddie Jones insinuating ref for French game is a homer, without naming him he said that 91 per cent of home teams win when Nigel Owen in charge. Probably one of the best refs in rugby union being called out, I think he is a fantastic ref and it's probably a correct stat but talk about putting...
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    Match thread, how do you do it?

    Dipped into the match thread last night while watching the game on TV, have followed it at work many times so get the ups and downs of it. I'm amazed how you manage to watch/read/type at such speed, if I looked at the TV I would be a page behind in no time, old I may be but there must be a...
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