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    The ones that got away

    with the academy doing so well there are now quite a few, but I’m looking for academy kids that we all hoped would make it, got to the first team, but for whatever reason didn’t quite make the grade at city. I’ll start with two Stephen Jordan Kieran Trippier Edit. Apparently trippier didn’t...
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    Hypothetical Question

    Discussed coming back from the match today. If you could have some of your time over again, and go back to rewatch a city game that you saw live (in the stadium), which match would you choose and why ? I narrowed my choice down to three, all for different reasons, and if pushed would probably...
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    The real invisible man

    What has happened to Bruno Zucolini. He does not appear in first team or EDS squads on O/S. Last I heard he was returned to the club after injury in Greece. Has he gone out on loan again ?
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    Who picks the team

    A conversation with Ric on another thread got me thinking. Especially in light of recent events, Pep coming in, Pellers going out. Who actually picks the team. The first team has looked lethargic for months, we have all seen the threads about slow build up, slow defenders, lack of...
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    Managing Iheanacho

    I think we all agree the lad done well today. His confidence and enthusiasm must be sky high after that, but bearing in mind the run of games following Sunderland, if you were Pellers would you give him the nod to start at Sunderland, and rest Aguero for Leicester, or would you bench him to...
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    Who do the press think makes the calls

    Today I have read 1. City to sign Sterling 2. City To Sign Henderson 3. City to Sack Pellegreni 4. City To sack Txiki I know the papers make it up. But I read all of this in the same paper. Who is Signing these players, and why would they come to such an un settled environment. I have...
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    Fallout from the Hillsborough Inquest

    The Taylor report led to All Seater Stadium. It has now been proven that the Taylor report was based upon fabrications made by the authority's. These fabrications have led to many millions, probably billions, of pounds spent by football clubs on either all seater stadia, or New Stadia as a...
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    Two Games in 48 Hours

    Given our current injury list, and run of games, what teams would you put out in the next 2 Away at West Brom on Boxing day Home to Burnley on 28th. V West Brom I would play the same line up as we played V Palace V Burnley it would be...
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