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    Arsenal match - Pub in Stockport town centre

    Anyone know a decent boozer in Stockport town centre that will be showing the City game? I am heading over to Stockport for a beer festival and need somewhere to watch the game. Cheers
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    Today's Groupon deal - Man City v Rhyl

    Today's groupon deal is cheap tickets for Man City v Rhyl <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... _FB_USRCLK</a> £5 for one...
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    If we win the FA Cup and somehow win the league....

    Who do we play in the community shield? Wigan or United. Personally one of the only negatives about winning the FA Cup is the thought of another Wembley trip against United. It was far better last year at Villa Park!
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    Denham for the final

    Anyone stay at Denham for the semi? I'm thinking of staying there for the final. Its on the trainline to wembley so looks handy Not sure if there is much craic round there?
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    Groupon - city stadium tour

    Not sure it's been posted but today's groupon is the city stadium tour for 2 people is £12 or a family of 4 for £19. Not a bad deal
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    sky football fixtures

    Next lot have been released. Only two for us. The Derby is now 1:30pm on the Sunday and Newcastle away is annoyingly a 12:45pm kick off on the Saturday. I assume ESPN will move a few as well
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    Booking fee on Liverpool Carling cup ticket?

    I've just seen that even though I am on the automatic cup scheme I have been charged £37.50 for my Liverpool ticket. That is the £35 ticket price and a £2.50 booking fee. On all my other automatic cup scheme tickets I have never been charged a booking fee. Does anyone know why the club is...
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