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    18's v Blackburn

    Another good win today but not a great performance. Maybe not surprising as we had a lot of the best and most experienced players missing. Fiorini, Palmer , Delap to name just 3 and that's just from the attacking perspective. 1 nil at half time thanks to Robertson's goal after a top run from...
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    18's V Reading

    Went to watch the 18's play Reading this morning and saw an enjoyable game on a bright sunny day albeit with a strong wind. We started with only 2 of our best under 18's so plenty being given opportunities. Ed Francis and Matt Smith being the 2 altho Tyreke Wilson might be considered a 3rd! As...
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    EDS V Liverpool

    Good game for the EDS tonight against Liverpool. I hadn't seen too much of this team of late so was really interested to see how they played. Seen loads of the 18's and enjoyed every match they play , been disappointed a lot by the first team far too often this season so this would be an...
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    Style of Play

    I found it interesting to compare the various teams and the way they play. We all saw the first team against Roma play with 2 up front which seems to be Pellegrini's preferred way but the EDS in the afternoon played with a 4.3.3 approach with Pozo up top and Barker wide one side and Ambrose wide...
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    City Women - Champions and Continental Cup Winners 2016.

    Good win for the girls 2.1 against a defensive Reading today so not all bad news for the club. Poor that it had to be played at the same time as the main event. 2 goals from a scouser too to win it for us but she is the real deal as a striker with two real striker/poacher goals. tough game but...
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    Women's Training Report 07/02

    Doug's post from the other forum. FIRST MAN CITY WOMEN'S TRAINING Postby Douglas Higginbottom » 07 Feb 2014 23:45 Carrington in the morning and now just back from watching our women take part in a full outside training session.Not their first together but my first time watching and I have to...
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    BlueMoon Fantasy Football League

    Are scum players really allowed in the teams?
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    Squad Management/Man Management

    Probably the hardest part of the job for Mancini is managing the squad and the players in it.It's what building a team is all about and we have heard plenty from him about how difficult it is playing 2 games in 3 days or 3 in 7 etc etc. We have also heard him say he has been beset by injuries ...
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    after reading most of the sunday papers about city

    to quote a radio programme " what a waste of ink"
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    New Here

    Although I have been a City fan for longer than I care to remember I have only just come on to this forum and started reading the opinions. Not a surprise I suppose to see all the negativity so maybe the best time for me to start adding comments is after such a good win last night. It's not...
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