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    Limited edition shirt *REFUND*

    Why do you think it’s a good idea to complain to the ICO that city have breached GDPR? That will just leave the club open to a massive fine. Not really sure that’s any help!
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    Man City TV Launched

    Only if they show live content
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    Season Tickets 2018-19 - 3% average increase reported

    I don’t think it has been every year. There was a freeze two years ago and there is things you can do to reduce your cost e.g. sell one game on ticket exchange this year and you’ll get more money back than the 3% rise. Also 3% increase is basic cost of living raise so you should get something...
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    Season Tickets 2018-19 - 3% average increase reported

    mine has gone up £20 It’s annoying but frankly if an extra 3% means you can no longer afford to buy a ticket then it doesn’t really sound like you should buy a ticket even if the price had stayed the same. An extra quid a game should drive nobody into financial difficulties.
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    Todays Pitch Invasion. City v Swansea

    But he wasn’t harmed? As far as I remember nobody was harmed by the Wigan pitch invasion and although annoying for us was perfectly understandable.
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    Todays Pitch Invasion. City v Swansea

    Was anybody harmed at Wigan?
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    Todays Pitch Invasion. City v Swansea

    Christ there are some odd city fans. We’ve won a title and a harmless pitch invasions which show a bit of passion for the feat has caused no problems. I don’t want us to end up like United where we just politely clap at the end of the season for five minutes and then go home. Get a grip...
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    CITY: SHOWSEC, Atmosphere, & Blatant Bullying.

    If you were a terrorist and wanted to smuggle something into the ground you just need to turn up two minutes late. After 3pm they just wave you through and stop searching. It makes all the searches beforehand an absolute waste of time!
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    CITY: SHOWSEC, Atmosphere, & Blatant Bullying.

    I was fourth row in 109 for four seasons (2010-2014) and it was always an argument with the stewards about standing. 109 is the block where they have decided that standing has to stop. It's annoying but you can see their point. If everyone stands in 109 it will then Start to spread into 107. At...
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    United game postponed due to bomb scare

    This whole thing was done by United in the hope that the game would be played after the FA Cup final meaning Fellani was suspended for it......
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    Dropping none football league teams from the league cup would make no difference as only league teams can take part (the clue is in the name). They would never reduce either the size of the premier league or the size of the champions league as more games, means more revenue from things like TV...
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    Adam Johnson Arrested

    She was apparently 15. The question is not whether a 15 year old can look like an adult but whether a 15 year old can look like a 16 year old. It's certainly a grey area.
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    metrolink double units

    Trams were good yesterday for the christmas shopping. I think it was only a coincidence that City had a match on so we all benefited!
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    Nasri uncertain of future?

    Watching nasri and silva swap passes with each other is one of the most beautiful sights in world football.
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    Burnley Home

    I paid £16 to see alty v alfreton town a couple of weeks back. Now that was overpriced!
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    Burnley Home

    I paid £16 to see alty v alfreton town a couple of weeks back. Now that was overpriced!
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    Burnley Home

    Adults are expensive but kids are quite cheap. Think it was £16 each for the two kids tickets I had to buy. I don't think that's too bad. Go to the lower leagues you pay between £20-30 for a ticket. Paying a 50% premium for top quality premier league football is a bargain!
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    Micah Richards (2014/15)

    Re: Micah Richards - Why I had To Leave City Personally (no matter what the game) I think the first team should come first over a youth team match.
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    Play the Swede

    Its a bad level. I think the record goal scorer in Scotland is Kris Boyd, he couldn't even make it at Championship level. Then there was Alves who scored bucket loads in the Dutch league and he turned out to be rubbish at a decent level as well. Its a sad fact that scoring lots of goals at a...
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    Play the Swede

    Scoring goals in Holland and Scotland mean nothing. Many strikers have done that and not been very good e.g. Samaras. I trust our coaches and they obviously think he's not good enough. From the little I have seen of him (mainly at Celtic) I agree with that sentiment and he should be sold. If...
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