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    Carrgaher Censored by Sky Sports

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    Help for Fellow Blue

    Hello all, got permisonn from Ric, cheers fella. Have a fellow Blue who has lost his sight during lock down and will not get an op on NHS for over a year, a go fund me page has been set up to get the op done private. If anyone would like to donate, here is the link to what's the go fund me...
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    Anyone Able

    To pm me a "you not what" for tonights entertainment ?
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    Copa de Libertadores

    River Plate and Boca Juniors to meet in smei final. Flamengo of Brazil will play fellow countymen Gremio in th eother semi final Vamos River !
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    Norwich Thread 2019/2020

    Good to see the Canaries back, hopefully Delia will be on the sauce again and not the Colemans ! Ins: Patrick Roberts (Loan Man City) Outs: Ivo Pinto to Dinamo Zagreb Cartlon Morris (Loan Rotherham) Mason Bloomfield (Loan Crawley Town) Prediction 17th
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    Notts County Heading South

    Looks like the oldest professional association football club in the world could be going out of the of the football league as things stand. Currently bottom of league 2, 5 points adrift from safety, Noticed two former premier league clubs down in that division, Oldham Athletic and Swindon...
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    Old Manchester

    Just watched a documental of Joy Division and also had a chat with me dad a few weeks ago, wit the state Manchester used to be. Rusholme, Moss Side and Hulme in particular as that's where we're from. But how many can remember how grim it used to be ? From the dystopian Bleak Brutalist...
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    Battle of The Bands, Albums, Singles 4

    I know they are not similar in music styles, but Suede and Blur never saw eye to eye, well Brett and Damon did not, as that mush bird Justin Frischman that was in Suede left Brett for Damon, hence the song Animal Nitrate by Suede. So anyway , Suede or Blur, which was/is the better band, speak...
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    Music Group Battle 3 Vader vs Cobain

    Which album was better Pearl Jam's 10 vs. Nirvana's Nevermind
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    Music Album Band Battle 2, The Smiths

    Which is best Smiths Album out of The Smiths vs. Meat is Murder vs. The Queen is Dead vs. Strangeways Here We Come Or does Hatful of Hollow trump them all ?
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    Album/Band battle No 1 Stone Roses vs, Definitely Maybe

    Going to have a battle of Albums/Bands, just for fun and to gauge opinion. First up Stone Roses, Stone Roses vs. Oasis, Definitely Maybe. Which was the better debut album ?
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    Alan "Super Furry Arteries" Brazil

    Come on tell us what you really think of the Brasso drinking, cardiac catastrophe in waiting, Just a turps addled tramps mate, or a clueless s bitter twisted washed up, pissed up sour old Cockwomble spleen your vent
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    Colourful Drinking Establishments

    Probably been done to death and apologies in advance. But anyone care to regal stories about "colourful boozers" that they have been in, not just Manchester. The Old Monkey House from Nechells Birmingham for instance, used to only serve watered down cider but the land lady topped up its...
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    Old Match Day Pubs

    Apologies if this has been done before, but which pubs did you use on match days at Maine Road, and are they still open or have they since closed like so many pubs have.
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    Any Footage

    Of rodent boy squirming on Sky Sports ?
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    Does Not Inspire Faith !

    "We know the areas of the squad we have to strengthen and we will try to do that. It is not going to happen in this window, or even two or three. We need more time." Mark Hughes, today Sky Sports News
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