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    Xbox 360

    Hi all, Ive recently converted my garage into a man cave and all thats missing is retro gaming. Ive pulled my old xbox 360 out of the loft and have been looking to modify it to play old snes/ megadrive games. There are plenty of instructions online, but lots of contardictions. Has anyone...
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    New router

    Hi all, I live rural and the internet speeds are gash. Not able to get fibre in the area and we get 23mbps on a good day. Sky are the provider. 6 of us live in the house- one room on the other side of the house gets very inconsistent coverage. Happens to be my mother in law's lounge and she...
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    Burnley at home - 14th march

    Hi all, Ive 2 tickets available for this weekends match. Wont be able to attend (live on the isle of wight and a bit skint after cup final trip). The tickets were won via cadbury and retail at £40 each (colin bell stand). Im willing to post them signed for, next day delivery if there are any...
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    Car Stereo/ sat nav

    Hey all, Ive decided to upgrade to a stereo with sat nav. Looking at the android versions with approx £150 to waste on it. I have a 57 plate Kia Carens. If anything there are too many options! The prices vary wildly and im a little unsure what is compatible with my car. Anyone able to offer...
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    Becoming an author..

    Hi all, After some advice. Ive wriiten a couple of childrens books and was wondering if anyone on here has managed to have their work published. Anyone know the best route to present my efforts?
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    Anti depressants..

    Hey all, Looks like I may have to start dabbling with these meds. I have concerns about side effects. Libido and weight gain in particular. Anyone able to shed light on their experiences/ what to expect?
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    Virus on laptop

    I appear to have a virus on my laptop. I'm pretty certain that it's due to me opening a link sent to me by a friend on Facebook last Friday. My computer is now sluggish and today is displaying a black and white screen. I have run virus scans and nothing is showing. Attempted to do system...
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    Poppy appeal - City Badge

    Just purchased a couple of these.. thought they may be of interest.
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    Chrome issue...

    Hey all. My mother in laws laptop is playing up. She has Chrome, searches work fine but when u go to open anything it says err connection refused. Anyone hot any idiot proof advice to sort?
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    Eden Hazard

    Sorry if covered.
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    Florida - Most cost effective way to visit..

    Hi all, Had some good feedback on here prior to a Gran Canaria trip so hoping that my brethren are able to offer some pears about Florida. We are looking (me, wife and 3 kids) to go and the whole disney, universal joblot for three weeks. We are looking at November 2018 or around feb/ March...
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    One year from now...

    Thought a thread like this may lighten the mood... I predict that we will be in a scrap for the title... going into the last couple of games with... Dunno. Anything can happen. Wouldnt rule Chelsea out, but then would be surprised to see a new manager in charge by this time next year. Conte is...
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    Gran Canaria..

    Off to Maspalomas for a week. Never been before as we usually go to Egypt. Anyone a frequent visitor? Was wondering how much dosh to take. There for 1 week- me,mrs and 3 kids. We are all inclusive but will probably eat out a couple of nights. May have a messy day watching the semi on our...
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    Benjamin Henrichs

    According to Sky sports Germany we are interested in this lad and have already held talks.
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    Video refs

    Enough now. Other sports use them it works. We are the most lunatic sport in the world yet so subborn in accepting change. As a team that 9/10 occasions dominates games, play in the oppositions half or box we stand to benefit hugely from pushing this. Last week vs Everton the situation...
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    Geek boxes...

    Anyone subscribe to these? My cousin got a nerd block last month an was full of goodies. Tries buying one one and wouldn't let me pay (based in canada). Had a look around and tempted by the z box from zavvi. Anyone got an opinion about best value etc?
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    My House smells at night...

    Hi all, Had our bungalow converted with an extension at the back and 2 beds/ bathroom upstairs a couple of years ago. Been in for about a year. long story but builder walked off with our money half way through the job so we had to borrow extra cash and i had to get off my arse and learn a...
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    Spraying fence panels..(Ronseal)

    Hey, purchased a ronseal fence panel sprayer today. recently had our back garden sorted with lovely new panels. Anyone got one? Not gonna use it today as its pissing it down. Purchased some "sprayable" ronseal paint to go with it. £22 for 9 litres. Fucking annoying as the regular stuff was...
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    Media discussion post Madrid. ..

    We were poor, but fuck me you would think we went out in the preliminary rounds the way people are going on about it. United, Chelsea and arsenal did not get this much stick for exiting earlier in the competition. No perspective at all.
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    Arsenal - pre match thread.

    Will we cry away from a team that can string three passes together as usual and put a dent on our progress over next couple of seasons whilst damaging transfer plans for this summer... or put at least one team to the sword domestically this year. Come on city!
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