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    Holiday Suggestions

    Corralejo in Fuerteventura, lovely & warm weather, beaches to die for and really friendly place.
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    Insurers get (I think) 14 days to update the MID. But sometimes they can forget, a client of mine had a van impounded thanks to insurers forgetting, plus the driver only spoke Polish, to the Liverpudlian copper. As per previous post, print a copy of your certificate and keep it in your wallet...
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    The Agenda (Merged)

    ITV News just mentioned the FA Cup draw, the Sky 4 teams draws were shown, but not who the currents Premier League Champions had drawn. Plus it mentioned about the Rags getting the lowest ranked team left in the competition. Just thought I'd share for all you "Agenda" lovers.
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    Great first episode, leaving lots of questions to be asked. Plus it's filmed about 10 minutes walk from where my old feller lives so it's great to recognise the locations. One of the best things on the tellybox at the moment.
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    Xmas bonus baby! Oh yeah!

    Nice one MES, we are getting all sorts of bonuses at the moment too, working Black Weekend £150, extra days up to Christmas £300 and loyalty bonus at the end of Jan £200. It all helps especially at this time of year. Keep up the hard work, God knows you deserve it, and keep on sneaking in those...
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    Favourite pasta?

    My lasagne, end of thread
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    I'm a celebrity.... 2014

    Craig Charles out now, following the death of his brother, big shame all round, sympathies to his family
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    My only wish for our Euro campaign going forward

    My only wish is that we win, whatever game, whatever competition. Winning breeds confidence, confidence means more wins, more wins equals happiness for us and pi$$ing everyone else off (including the corrupt). I hope we qualify, if not, I hope we get into Europa and into the very late stages. It...
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    WE DID IT! need your support blues, help protect our kids

    Re: need your support blues, help protect our kids Signed, hope it helps and good luck
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    What's your idea of a good salary?

    I lost my job 4 months ago, we were earning well over £50k between us, now we are bringing in about £15k with my benefits and her part time salary and just about surviving. It shows you how you can live on what you earn as long as you can cover the bills and food. I will be taking a much lower...
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    Northside - Sale Waterside Centre, Saturday 18th Oct

    Not heard that for years, cracking song LF and have to agree probably the best
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    Listening to an iphone in the car

    Plug my 5c into the aux/earphone sockets and blast away with the old tunes on shuffle
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    Umberto / Piccadilly Radio

    and who had The Bradshaws of Barnoldswick on their show
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    Umberto / Piccadilly Radio

    Who did the show under the diamond studded duvet, was that Phil Wood ?
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    The cellar has locked up

    And you missed the whole of August too, damn
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    Simply awesome
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    Time to Ban E Cigs

    I agree with the above, well put. These alternative methods of having your nicotine fix are in competition with the big tobacco companies and they don't like it one bit. The ecigs have stopped my 20 a day habit for 25 years and I haven't had a combustible cigarette for 16 months, and I was...
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    The Object Immediately to Your Left...

    My niece in an eyore onsie
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    Electrical Zap Sensation in Head

    Get to the A&E ASAP, that's how Mrs Pie described it when she'd had 2 brain haemorrhage's on each occasion 8 years apart
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    United Thread 2014/15

    SOLV the problem, save our Loooie Van
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