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    Bring the Noise

    Very good post, fantastic researching and observations, however I would rather see us have our own end . I'm sure priced correctly and particularly with safe standing the numbers we may have lost will return. Please listen City .....
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    Coronavirus: Football Discussion Thread

    Well who can argue with that ! Brilliantly put ..
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    Coronavirus: Football Discussion Thread

    Surely a fans petition can be started (if one hasn't already) ....this asap for the sake of lives for gods God's sake !
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    Coronavirus: Football Discussion Thread

    Britain now has the worst death toll in Europe and the suggestion of lets play football it will lift everyone's spirits is absolutely scandalous......nothing else !
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    NBC today

    Been watching since 1967 and that day was the ultimate reward for years of ups and mostly downs, I had 4 tickets and gave up 2 of them to a potential sponsor of the football club I run so my wife and sons girlfriend had to go to Mary Ds to watch the game, I told them to meet me and my son at...
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    NBC today

    44 years
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    Coronavirus: Football Discussion Thread

    This is a total embarrassment if true , just show some respect for the people who have passed away and call time ! I don't care about football and I don't care about records, trophies and rivalries.
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    Best goal scored against us

    What a great game that was , definitely one of my top 10 City games, I wa13 and waged school for the afternoon.
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    Stan Horne

    You can see both Stan and Bobby Owen at Radcliffe Borough matches throughout the season......both look great and always happy to chat
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    Liverpool thread 2019/20

    Some comments here are reasonable and some are utter bollocks, with reference to the point made regarding comments our member of staff has made about UEFA all I can say is that when you have been fucked over time and time again on and off the field of play, you might also reasonably expect the...
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    City landmarks not grounds or training grounds.

    Cheadle training ground
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    When we were crap....your favourite matches

    Millwall at home down to 10 after about 15 minutes and went on to win 1 nil and Pearce missed a penalty too ! Just remember it for the whole ground including the main stand singing " no one likes you coz your shit " really really loud.
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    Liverpool thread 2019/20

    The tried it on this week They were caught out Backtracked End of
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    Clubs furloughing staff

    The ****s tried it on Got caught out Backtracked End of
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    Scariest away day following City

    Anyone at the derby when the scum went down ? Must admit at 14 I cudnt get away quick enough after the game finished but laughing all the way !
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    Scariest away day following City

    Leeds 77 and 78 remember a sizeable City crew giving it a go in the Leeds end before the 77 cup game and my pal got a dart in the side of his head and didn't even know !!
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