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    SOLD Liam Gallagher tickets x 2 in Manchester

    Hi all, I've 2 seating Liam Gallagher tickets for sale at Manchester arena on 20th November if anyone interested? Face value is £139.90 for the pair. Can send over via email too. Please PM if interested. Thanks. Matt.
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    Liverpool Tickets

    1 wonka klanfield golden ticket needed. Will pick up from wherever. Please message if any going spare .Thank you.
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    Car parking for the season. Orange Car Park.

    Hi, is the car park pass still available? Thanks.
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    City to expand Etihad to 62,000?

    Good point re the school kids. My wife works at The Christie in Withington and they often get given tickets for free or at discounted rates for staff members. What annoys me is that wankers on the radio or in the press have a go at City for this, saying they are doing it because they can't fill...
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    United (h) - pre-match thread

    Ha ha, love this. The block capitals made me chuckle! Roll on derby day!
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    Liverpool Away - Sold Out

    Will be at the ground tomorrow regardless of having no ticket. Any spare please PM me. Thanks.
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    Liverpool Away - Sold Out

    Like rocking horse shit! Please just the one if anyone has one going or would like to be spared a trip to the biggest shithole in the world for an armchair instead!
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    Liverpool Away - Sold Out

    Just one for bin dippers pretty please with sugar and shit on top. Ta.
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    City v Utd tickets.

    Pm sent
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    City v Utd tickets.

    Just the one needed please!
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    Liverpool (h)

    need 2 please - pref adult and child. Please pm, ta.
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    Liverpool (h)

    Three needed for Liverpool please!
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    Huddersfield tickets

    Like gold dust and rocking horse shit put together. Even the supporters clubs haven't enough to go around! Home end it is then with a flat cap and trenchcoat.
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    Ticket Collection at Premier League away games

    Agree - City, and most if not all of the 'top 6' Premier League clubs take their fans for granted and couldn't give a rats arse about their views whatsoever!!!
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    Liverpool (h)

    Four needed please 2 adults and 2 under 16s if possible. Please PM me if any spare. Thanks.
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    Seasoncard for next season 17/18

    Check this out as this is the brochure for this season - prices will either remain or, more likely, increase, but it will give you an approximate figure for each stand and age group. Skip the annoying video at the start and scroll to the stadium plan near the bottom of the brochure...
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    Swansea Home 05/02/17

    sent you a PM
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    Swansea Home 05/02/17

    Are they sat together?
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    Swansea Home 05/02/17

    These still available?
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    Spurs 21/01/17

    1 adult and 1 child wanted for Spuds please. Thanks.
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