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    Claudio Bravo

    You can't converse with stupid. I don't know why this argument is still ticking over, ignore him and move on.
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    Claudio Bravo

    He is making it easy to come to that conclusion.
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    Match Thread | Steaua Bucharest vs Manchester City (16/08/16)

    Nolito has been fine, him and silva are making so many chances down the left.
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    No. The greedy crock can get fucked. In the last 4 seasons he's played 16, 33, 17 and 6 games. Anyone who buys him is insane, unless it's for peanuts with a primarily incentive based contract, even then I'm not sure I'd want his attitude in the dressing room.
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    Athletics doping scandal

    Is it bad that I don't find this even remotely surprising? I'd be thoroughly shocked if Russia was the only guilty party.
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    Discussion: Manuel Pellegrini 2015/16

    Cowardly. Pretty much sums him up today.
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    Match Thread | Aston Villa vs Manchester City (08/11/15)

    Brings him on with 7 minutes left, ycmiu.
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    This Weekends other PL Fixtures Week 12 7/8 Nov

    Bournemouth couldn't hit a barn with a nuke. Utter shit finishing, and it's probably why they'll go straight back down.
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    Match Thread | Manchester City vs Norwich City (31/10/15)

    That'd be a cheap night then...
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    City Vs Seville Champions League Post Match Thread

    KDB you beautiful daywalker
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    Club Badge (merged)

    Everton actually went back to their original badge after one season and apologised for the abomination they made.
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    Club Badge (merged)

    I really like 4 and 8. Maybe with bees instead of dots, but I love it.
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    Liverpool thread

    I like Klopp but hate Liverpool, pity.
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    Post Match Thread: City vs West Ham

    I beg of you. No more Navas. I can't take anymore.
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    Match Thread | Manchester City vs West Ham (19/09/15)

    Did you completely miss the two interceptions that he did in the minutes after he came on?
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    Match Thread | Manchester City vs West Ham (19/09/15)

    People are trying to do too much on their own.
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    Match Thread | Manchester City vs West Ham (19/09/15)

    Looks like Lazy Yaya turned up today.
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