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    The Messi Mambo 2020

    Barca looked a shadow of their former selves this weekend with a mixture of youth, that are trying too hard, and experienced players who seem to be just going through the motions. Messi showed some great skills at times but did not look a particularly happy bunny most of the time.
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    Kyle Walker - 2020/21 Performances

    Thought he was terrific tonight for the national side in a somewhat original position. He seemed to be better at covering other players mistakes rather than creating his own. Well done Kyle.
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    Match Thread | Leeds vs Man City (03/10/20)

    We must get our momentum back quickly or we will suffer again. Perhaps time for fresh legs.
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    Thank you Otamendi - official to Benfica for €15m

    Best of luck for the future Nico. Great service to the club and never involved in any negativity.
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    Leicester City (H) Post Match Thread

    Embarrassing. Apart from some awful mistakes we seem to be sadly lacking pace, energy and skill in midfield. Some of the players coming back from injury, etc will help but we need to get the cheque book out quickly and refresh the team. Also Rodri is not good enough or quick enough for our...
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    Phil Foden to leave England camp

    Silly, silly little boys. Just played your first game for the national team and then get caught with 'your pants down' just hours later beggars belief. Yes we can all say we made mistakes at that age or even later in life but none of us are on those scale of salaries or in a profession that is...
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    Houssem Aouar

    We do need more speed and energy in midfield and this guy seems to fit the requirements.
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    The Messi Mambo 2020

    The media trying to unsettle the club yet again by saying that a deal will be done with cash and nearly half the current playing staff. City have long term plans and I am sure that losing Bernado, Jesus, etc. etc. Is not part of the plan.
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    Will Pep extend his contract?

    I sincerely hope that Pep signs for a further two years with perhaps a rolling one year contract after that. For all of you that question his management, and yes he has made mistakes, I would ask that you turn your minds back over the last few years and the trophies we have won. But it is not...
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    KDB wins Premier League Player of the Season

    Well deserved and by far the best player in the PL this season. Well done Kev.
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    New forum software

    Working and looking great. Well done Ric and the BM team.
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    Jerome Boateng?

    No. Too flat footed and slow.
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    Real Madrid (H) CL Post-Match Thread

    Brilliant! Bring on Lyon.
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    City fans writing John Stones off too early?

    It's all about confidence and at PL level you need it in abundance. On his day John Stones is good enough and fit for purpose. However over the last 12 months or so his confidence has been sadly lacking. Personal problems seemed to have played a big part together with Peps reluctance to trust...
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    New Shirt Sponsor: £50mill A Year?

    Aramco currently have assets of close to $1.5 Trillion. I'm assuming, unlike some, that they would be able to keep up with regular yearly payments. But because they are a rival Arab state, not a chance in hell. Nice idea though.
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    CAS judgement: UEFA ban overturned, City exonerated (report out p603)

    Der Spiegel are being used as a puppet yet again. The "show" drops in performance and then up it pops again. Do any of you journos out there know anyone in or have contacts with the German media? Perhaps it's time for BM to do some investigation of its own.
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    Nathan Ake

    Welcome to Manchester Nathan. Still think the fee is a little steep but if it solves one of our problems everything is good.
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    Sterling | 100 goals - Where will he finish?

    As a matter of interest how many did Edin Dzeko score for the club?
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    Norwich (H) Post-Match Thread

    A stroll in the park and at times it seemed like a practice match or dare I say it, an end of season game. Kev was brilliant at times but a big goodbye to our little Spanish magician. On a slight negative note our left side of defence was a little off today, especially Eric who seems to have...
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