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    3 Big Ifs

    1) If City make it to the FA Cup Final 2) If , as hinted in this mornings papers FA allow 10, 000 fans from each finalist to attend (socially distanced) 3) You qualified for a ticket Would you go?
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    Just Win These 3 Games

    Don't care about the any of the others, as long as we win these 3 games Liverpool, at home in the League, Liverpool in the FA Cup Final, Liverpool in the Champions League Final, don't care if we don't win another game apart from them 3, we can get through the knockouts with a penalty shootout...
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    Change VAR or.................

    run the risk of alienating countless long standing, long suffering, money paying, match attending fans like myself, to the point where i am seriously contemplating not renewing my seasoncard, after 50 years of supporting City, over 20 years as a seasoncard holder spread over 2 spells from the...
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    Away goals in the cold light of day

    This is not a reflection on my disappointment at last nights result, or the dubious nature of VAR, and it does not relate specifically to last nights exit. BUT Is there still any justification, for deciding a knockout tie on away goals? Many years ago, away teams put 10 men behind the ball...
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    Sergio's Offside, factually definitive or interpretive ?

    Can someone please answer with certainty, before this gets merged? Although Sergio was in an "offside position", when Eriksen played it back, he was not, and could not be offside, as an opponent played the ball. Given the ball deflected off of Bernardo (he did not play it), and Sergio was...
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    Var Penalty

    Feel free to merge this if already covered in post match thread. In common with all the players, and many fans, i had no inkling, that we were about to be awarded a penalty. Irrespective of the pathetic comments from Lineker, and all the other ("if you had played the game") ex players, much as i...
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    City's World Cup Parody

    So, for our opening group game City play Southampton. After a bright start City take the lead, and look pretty comfortable, (but only the one goal to show for it) Slightly against the run of play, Southampton equalise, and for all the world it looks to be heading for a draw, until a dramatic...
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    Resting players against the rags

    Don't you dare Pep!! We need a lift. Personally (I'll admit it), i think the Liverpool tie is now beyond us, but if we are to have any chance at all, we have to play our best side, beat the rags, win the league, (and only then) think about the second leg
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    If Losing to Liverpool......

    meant that we were to go on, and win our last 8 league games, and achieve a record breaking 105 points, record wins, record goals scored, record goal difference, record away wins, and in the process Eddie picked up the golden gloves, and Sergio the golden boot, would you take it? Those records...
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    F.A. Response to Oscar Awards shambles

    An FA spokesman said today, "we would like to re-affirm our opposition to video technology being introduced into the acting game, we are all human, and an honest mistake was made, these things happen. However, we believe that these things even themselves out , over the course of an actor's...
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    All or Nothing

    Can anybody honestly see any other possible outcome , other than all or nothing in the next 2 games ? I dare not actually predict the outcome in Madrid, however if we get through i cannot see us losing to Arsenal, and would feel quite confident of beating them and then going on to 3rd, but with...
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    Scandalous Attendance at Villa Park

    Don't think i'm moaning at City here, but 5 of us travel from Northampton, 3 of us long standing Seasoncard holders and in Cup Scheme, other 2 lads first year seasonticket holders (not in scheme) From the criterion published 3 of us got our tickets on the Saturday, (last 2 lads weren't eligible...
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    Correcting An Obvious Mistake

    Is football the only example, where there is no attempt to correct an obvious mistake, and no course of re-dress. I am a newsagent, and i make my living delivering newspapers, if i deliver the wrong newspaper, or miss a customer completely, i do not take the view that it is not a problem,as...
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    Fine Margins, rub of the Green, and Shocking Officials

    Ok, if you want to accuse me of having my blue tinted specs on, i will acknowledge in some games we have been poor, and in many we have not performed as well as i would have liked or expected, some of out team selections and tactics, have been, dubious / questionable / naive (please delete as...
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    Kompany and Piers Morgan on Twitter

    No good at posting links..... last night on Twitter, as Arsenal surrendered a 3 goal lead. Morgan: - To Vinnie, " If i pay you £50 million, will you play for us" Vinnie:- "Great club, but no." Morgan:- " 60 million and 2 Ferraris?" Vinnie:- "Those days have gone. I play for glory"
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    David Silva's Armband

    Please don't rip into me for a) looking at the Daily Mail, and b) taking one of its articles seriously, but i am a newsagent, and you've got to read something with breakfast. There is a small article in todays paper claiming deluded dipper fans have made official complaint to both City and the...
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    A Slightly Different Perspective

    From a slightly different perspective, ive tried looking a little deeper at comparing results (not performances). I think even the most biased rag (that will be all of them, would struggle to claim , that they should have had any MORE points than they have actually got, they cant really argue...
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    Dubious Points Panel Moved?

    Unless i`m going daft (??) why has my thread been moved to General Football Forum. Assuming whoever moved it, bothered to read it it was not a serious suggestion about a general football topic, it was a very specific complaint about yet more anti City media bias, with some twat on Talkshite...
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    Dubious points Panel

    Having piloted the "dubious goals panel" for a number of years, it would appear that the Premier League are considering instigating a Dubious Points Panel. This is the inevitable conclusion i have come to, having just listened to some twat on Talkshite (yes i know its my own fault for listening...
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    Has Joe Hart won Golden Glove?

    Sorry if posted elsewhere, know this was discussed a couple of weeks ago, but has Joe now won this seasons Golden Glove?
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