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    Rúben Dias - 2020/21 Performances

    How is he doing so far? Am listening in to the match, but no mentioning of Dias so far!
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    Edmond Tapsoba

    This one is one we should keep an eye out for. Single handedly begun to straighten out Leverkusens defensive problems.. he Even made a declining Tah better again! Edit: I Know he joined them in January. But deffo worth to keep an eye on!
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    Dealing with Loss

    So just this afternoon my grandad (mom's side) just passed away. Heard he simply just slumped down and dropped dead. He had cancer in his whole body so we knew it would happen sooner or later.. thing is I've been fortunate enough not to lose a person in my life since childhood. How am I...
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    Joao Cancelo

    According to The Mirror (lol) we are apparently trying to sign left-back Cancelo. Valencia Player who did his thing for Inter this season. Thoughts?
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    Eric Bailly

    Mirror talking about him and a potential move to City. Have Seen very little of him but he looks very promising. Thoughts?
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    Webshop or City grounds store

    I know that the season doesn't have long to go. But I've really taken a likening to the 3rd kit. I would like to buy it but I don't know the prices of the grounds store. Are they the same as the webshop or perhaps cheaper? I'd like to know this. I'm travelling to Manchester on the 6th of May to...
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