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    Marseille (a) post match thread

    Totally agree, I said when we signed Ake he will be regarded as a bargain by the end of the season. Zinchenko is ok against the Marseilles, but gets found out against the better teams. That's not really a criticism though, he's not a left back! Walker, Dias, Laporte, Ake... I just hope we can...
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    Marseille (a) post match thread

    Great result that and fully deserved. Defensively I thought that's the best I've seen us all season. Walker was - as usual - superb and Dias and Laporte looked very solid. Zinchenko did well and could've scored. I was also impressed that we are starting to look dangerous at corners!! I can't...
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    CL - Marseille (A) | Pre-Match Thread

    We've got German refs so hopefully should be a lot better than the clowns we had against Porto. It's not a bad lineup but Rodri AND Gundogan is my no-no. Together they're too slow. Looking forward to seeing Laporte and Dias. I hope we keep a clean sheet and should do with that defence. I...
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    COVID-19 — Coronavirus

    @Healdplace just another thanks again for posting the numbers. I think your analysis is much clearer than many others! Do you fancy a job on TV explaining it all? :)
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    2020/21 David Silva watch - Real Sociedad.

    Never mind Silva, who's that striker? He kicked it hard at the net and scored a goal! Get the chequebook out and get him signed :) Seriously though, good to see Silva up to his usual tricks. Just one of those footballers who makes it look so easy you can't understand why everyone else can't do it.
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    Bit of Perspective

    Let's be honest it's perfectly fine to compare this team to the crap from the 90s and say be grateful. However since the takeover the ambition, expectation and investment in the club has changed everyone's perceptions from the fans, owners, players and managers. This is the big deal and for the...
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    Injuries | Aguero, Jesus, Fernandinho, Mendy, Ake

    I think we all know that there's money to spend. It's not as if we're skint and after selling Sane and others we didn't have a big net spend. Going into this year with injury prone Aguero and with Jesus was a poor decision in my opinion.
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    Injuries | Aguero, Jesus, Fernandinho, Mendy, Ake

    How many of us on here said we needed another striker over summer? I'm amazed the club didn't address this. It goes without saying that Aguero is the best striker in the PL for years but the legend shouldn't be expected to play every game. We need to look after him and keep him for when we need...
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    West Ham (A) Post Match Thread

    Two years ago I'd have thought to myself "how many goals will we get today? Five or six". Nowadays I see every team in the league as banana skins. I've no idea what's happening but the club is looking like it's in for a long, hard season and I think we will be a top 4 team this year. The whole...
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    Worst Goalkeeper

    Sorry but it's Bravo for me. He was absolutely useless and wasn't cheap either. It's debatable whether a 14 year old would be better than he was at his 'peak'. If love to see a best of Bravo at City as it would be meagre pickings. He came from Barcelona and had a reputation and big fee and...
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    Marcus Rashford lobbying govt to help vulnerable children

    Full marks to Rashford, he's using his position to help people and I'd happily applaud him if he played at the Etihad. Some things are far, far more important than football and children going hungry - in this day and age - just shouldn't be happening. What I don't get is why the Government...
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    Most pissed off you have been at a game.

    I don't get pissed off, but generally just fed up. For the garbage we've seen over the years, you can't let it get to you too much!! I remember plenty of days in the old Div 3 wondering why I bothered. Tony Vaughan was one particular player that I felt sad about when he played. Awful player...
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    COVID-19 — Coronavirus

    I've been working in IT for 25 years now and I've never seen an advert like that. Ever. People who are able to "volunteer" with the skills they are asking for are seriously skilled people. Good ones who you'd want to do the job will have spent a LOT of time learning the job and will be in...
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    Porto (h) post-match thread

    I can see what you mean about the game tonight, but I do think you have to partner Rodri with the right players. As I've already said, you can't play Rodri and Gundo/Fern in midfield. They are too slow and just aren't dyanmic. They are all too cautious and slow our game down too much for me...
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    Porto (h) post-match thread

    Agree on Ake, he's been a great signing. I can't make my mind up on Cancelo. If he was 18 I'd think he would have a future with us. We bought him from Juventus who were the CL winners at the time for £60m (I know we gave em Danilo) and he doesn't look like a right back to me - certainly not a...
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    Porto (h) post-match thread

    Looking at the result, a 3-1 result against anyone in Europe should be a good night, but I was disappointed overall. I didn't like the line up and as I've said many times before, if you line up with any 2 from Rodri, Gundo and Fernandinho it's a pedestrian midfield. Let's be honest, Porto are...
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    COVID-19 — Coronavirus

    Because we're all interconnected and we live on a small islland. Unless you live in the middle of nowhere you will have to come into contact with people - food shopping, school runs, in work, on transport etc. There's also the complicating factors of poverty, small houses and flats and...
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    COVID-19 — Coronavirus

    I must admit I'm getting a bit fed up with all this now. It's just a matter of time before we go into lockdown and it feels like it's just delaying the bad news. I totally understand where Burnham is coming from and if I was on low wages with winter bills coming and Christmas I big drop in wages...
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    Yesterday’s formation

    Completely agree. It worked yesterday and I'm sure it will again but I think changing our formation and style of play breaks the rhythm of the team. I'm a big fan of picking your best team and formation and sticking with it. Yesterday's result will encourage Pep to tinker about even more!!
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    Arsenal (H) Post match thread

    It was a game where I thought we could easily slip up and would have taken a 1-0 before the game. I think Arteta has done a great job at Arsenal and he is going to push them into the top 4 this year. I don't know if it's because there's no crowd there, but all the games just feel like training...
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