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    Big Match Revisited

    Just watched BMR on itv4 last game was Leeds v Sheffield U sept 1974. Leeds are winning 5-0 and doing their usual ole passing piss take circ 40 passes referee ( think it was Clive Thomas ) suddenly halts play and gives a free kick to Sheffield U who score. The free kick was given against Terry...
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    Vinnie message

    The Captain Speaks click link above
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    Learning lessons

    So here we go again the club site leading with the good old lessons learned routine. So for the benefit of all could we see the Documanted list of lessons Pep has taken from last night and what exactly he is planning to do to with this new found information. Could we also see the catalogued...
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    Spring Cleaning

    Speaking personally this morning I have deleted several Apps off my iPad. for years I have felt compelled to have these and worse still ritually on a daily basis open and read therein content subjecting myself to being wound up as they consistently glorify all around us undermine or air brush...
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    Small point of order

    When was the last time fa cup holders were not broadcast live on uk tv. Then when said holders brush airside a shit under dog with loads of youth players no mention on on sky sports apps well let’s see how they handle a bad media melt down on Tuesday
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    RIP Roy Cheetham

    RIP sad news was at the match on Saturday passed in his sleep on Sunday
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