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    Palace Home 22/12

    Hi I'm Looking for 3 tickets together pls. I know it's in December but best to ask now. PM me please. Thanks
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    Coming war on China - John Pilger Film

    This is an absolute must watch. An eye opener and quite disturbing .. Typical America aggression ... Judge for yourself.
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    Boro at home

    3 x tickets REQUIRED (either 2 adults and a child OR 3 x adults together). Preferably east stand ... PM me. My 4 year old's second game. He loves it...
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    The killing of Tony Blair documentary ....

    Just came across this video on youtube. Some work by Galloway (much of stuff I sometimes don't have time for), BUT this video gives some interesting insights into the dealings of IRAQ war and the fall of Gadaffi with the consequences of what we are seeing in ISIS. What a b**tard Blair was as a...
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    Just booked flights to Singapore and whilst there will be venturing out to Malaysia. Never been, but keen to know if anyone else has been and recommend places to visit. Made the mistake of checking weather conditions after confirming flights and it looks like its chucking it down whilst we r...
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    Hachim Mastour .... AC Milan's wonderkid.

    So far Iv read rave reviews on various forums about this kid, moroccan born, and has the potential going by the videos. Heres one with Neymar:
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    Yasser Arafat was murdered - investigation report.

    Well we all knew he was murdered at the time of his death but without evidence it was just regarded as conspiracy, rumours, etc. That's all changed now. Polonium was found in his body. Over to the international criminal courts! Watch the Al Jazeera investigation in which they discover hidden...
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    Contracting advice + moving to Gent advice

    Just been offered a long term 12 month contract, literally on Friday. Contemplating on whether to accept it or not. Its in Gent, which is not far from Brussels/Antwerp. Anyone been? Secondly if im contracting, shall I setup my own company or rely on agency payroll (whom are also based in...
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    Advice needed (work related) - Resignation

    I joined company X based in London in March whilst i was living in Amsterdam. After interview process they (Company X) requested that I join early rather than they wait 2 months for me, as my notice period for both my previous employer and my landlord was 2 months. My landlord specifically told...
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    Moving back to the Netherlands...(again)

    Came back to UK in March 2013 after 3 years in Netherlands, with intention to live here for good but after few months now but have had enough. Dont know what it is about this country, but as much as I am patriotic about England the future does not look good (in my eyes). Another decision...
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    Visiting abu dhabi ... places to visit?

    folks am going to abu dhabi on Thursday for a 6 day break. Whilst am there I want to visit a few places. Zayed mosque, f1 world, marina mall. But apart from that anything else am missing? Wouldnt mind watching a football match there but how, who and what? Anyone else been?
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    Relocation - which city would you move to or suggest?

    Am in the process of moving back to London from Amsterdam with wife n baby. Will miss Netherlands but at the same time I have had my fair share of issues whilst living here. Where to start from? Poor medical, multiple car break-ins, expensive city, high taxes, high rent, etc. Question is where...
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    Ronaldo donates to gaza kids...

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a> Props to him. God bless CR7
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    Roman on his way out of city

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... oman-talks</a> looks like he's on his way out shame
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    End of Barca era

    Is it? They have been poor recent. Pep playing 2 untried players in semi final on left. And lose against Madrid and now chelsea And Messi off form.....
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    Man suffers heart attack eating a 6k calorie burger

    Only in america....6,000 calorie burger aka "Triple bypa, esp in your later age. Venue: From wikipedia: A tag is wrapped on the patient's...
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    Rags are in town....

    ...just seen a whole load of em in dam sq. All were talking with their london accent. heavy police present. but one thing for sure, dont f**k about with ajax fans. some sects u just dont walk on the same side of the road. anyhows, had my city scarf on, intentionally worn before setting out...
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    Big Pun

    Another hiphop thread. Just browsing through my old CD's and found Big Pun's Capital Punishment. Brings back memories from Uni days. Classic album. Who on this forum remembers the big man? Christopher Rios aka Big Pun (isher) Boricua...... Shame he passed away so young. RIP...
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    How big is Ronaldo ..... ?

    Shocking stuff....
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    2 x tickets home game Liverpool 3rd Jan reqd

    as title suggests flying over from Amsterdam to watch game. desp need 2 tickets for this game. PM me.....
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