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    HELP NEEDED!!!!!!!

    Just been told my my so called mate that the ticket he has got me is in the stoke end right next to the city fans. does anyone know of any stoke fans that have tickets for our end and would swap i know its a long shot but worth a try. i did try posting on the oatcake but it wouldnt let me. cheers
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    travel from bury area

    anyone help need two seats on a minibus in the bury area? cheers
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    Just looking for some info guys if you can help. going to the dam in a few weeks and ajax are playing on the friday,was wondering if anyone new any good reliable places to buy tickets from and some info on how far the ground is from the centre of dam cheers
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    long shot....

    ...i know but is there anyone out there who would swap my north stand level 1 ticket for a south stand one
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    laptop repairs

    spilt a drink over my laptop and now it doesnt turn on anyone know where i can get it repaired i have no warranty left.
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    sony ericsson satio

    anyone got one,and what do you think of them?
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    Help Needed

    hi guys im organising a fundraiser for a friend of mine who has had a bad motorbike accident. he broke both legs,smashed his pelvis.hes obviously off work for the forseeable future without pay and to make matters worse his wife just gave birth 3 weeks. was wondering does anyone on here know...
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    drop or rest lescott

    he is way of the pace you only have to look at the third goal to see it,his price tag should not be keeping him in the team. bring in kompany now he is fit
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    1 for villa please

    desperate for 1 tickets can anyone help
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    lift back from villa

    anyone coming back into the bury/whitefield area after the villa game,need to get home as no trains running cheers
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    25 today and just found my1st grey hair not a happy man
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    Any fellow nfl fans on here,should be a cracking game to get the season started tomoorow night titans @ the steelers, cant see anything other than a steelers win. whos everyones pick for the superbowl?
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    1 arse ticket needed

    hi, need 1 ticket for the game not bothered where,can anyone help cheers
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    i know wrong forum but no one is over ther i need one ticket not bothered if city or blackburn end will pay whatever
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    ticket for blackburn

    i have a spare for the blackburn end if anyone is interested
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    diarra,huntalaar and snjider

    before any idiots start moaning,im not saying we are signing any of them,but i have just seen these 3 with an old bald guy in a suit in the lowry.
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    Debt Consolidation

    what are peoples views on this?
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    amanda staverley

    yes or no i would personally
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    need a new career

    Dont know why im posting this just bored at work. Looking for a new job in sales anyone know of anything or best place to look. Been on the net all morning.
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