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    Will Pep extend his contract?

    That Barca job is a poison chalice for the next few years at least, no money to spend, a badly aging squad, catastrophic failures in the transfer market, players that don’t suit, a skewed side and an extreme over reliance on Messi, why would anybody want that job? They could perform miracles to...
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    Champions League games 27/ 28 October

    Why do so many people choose to watch united when there’s 5 other games to watch including Barca vs Juve?
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    Best left back we’ve had over the last decade?

    kolarov and Clichy we’re both very very good left backs for us, they complimented each other really well too as a pair. We’ve had nothing like them since. After them it’s Delph. A prime Clichy in this team would give us a left sided version of walker as cover against the pacy counter
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    The Messi Mambo 2020

    On one hand thats the only obstacle that stopped Messi leaving sin the last window is now gone but on the other a big reason as to why he wanted to leave in the first place has gone. This doesn’t solve barca’s Financial issues so the likelihood he will be winning titles at Barca in his last few...
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    Real Madrid - Karim Benzema 'don't pass to Vinicius Jr'

    I can understand saying don’t pass to somebody who is having a stinker or is simply dogshit but suggesting he’s against them is weird, could easily be a translation thing though. Either way it’s amateurish to get caught on camera saying it makes him look toxic as fuck.
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    Sheffield Utd (A) | Pre-Match Thread

    Expecting a few changes, I think he will stick with the front 3, Bernardo in for Gundogan and cancelo in for zinchenko, wide players on the outside foot is the key. They’ll put up more of a battle than Marseille that’s for sure but there’s no excuses for not taking 3 points from this. Just get...
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    Can you wake yourself up without an alarm ?

    I can do it for things I’m particularly excited or potentially nervous for, no matter how early it is, but they’re not generally things I’d ever risk not setting an alarm for anyway.
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    Pep Guardiola - 2020/21 Performances

    Credit to him for seeing the light and sticking natural footers on either flank it’s been crippling us more and more for the past year, just got to hope it’s not a one-off as he’s done it a few times then immediately switched back. I’ve been worried about his choices these last few weeks for the...
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    Phil Foden - 2020/21 Performances

    Funny how nobody questions Peps handling of him anymore. Where are all those media living stealers that were telling us he’s not getting the chances and he needs to move? You could sadly add a substantial amount of blues into that same category too. Pep handled Foden to perfection, set out a...
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    Liverpool thread 2020/21

    3 defenders injured isn’t unsubstantial but it’s still just one player short of what could be claimed their strongest 11, need them to miss a few other key players too. The city vs Liverpool game could be no cb vs no striker at this rate. Antonio should be absolutely licking his lips at the...
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    Oleksandr Zinchenko - 2020/21 Performances

    Did alright, helps us to control games which is useful but needs to offer more. plays the game like it’s a 90 minute rondo, there’s little purpose to a lot of his play. he isn’t going to get forward like a cancelo or mendy can do which is fine but he has to offer something else to compensate...
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    Raheem Sterling - 2020/21 Performances

    Much better on the right, few wasteful opportunities where it seemed like his cut in every single time mindset from playing on the left bamboozled himself but just a significantly bigger threat. the couple of times he got in behind he was able to drive at the goal, none of them came to...
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    Rúben Dias - 2020/21 Performances

    Still yet to really have anything to do in a blue shirt but I think that’s part of it. He’s not had much to do because he’s doing everything he should be doing, oozes concentration, assurance and conviction and if you give off that aura combined with the limited amount of the ball opposotion...
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    Ilkay Gundogan - 2020/21 Performances

    3 very good games in a row now from Gundogan and popping up with vital goals. Gives us the control we miss from Silva’s absence. Hoping we see him in the 6 role with kdb and Bernardo/Foden infront of him once we’ve got everyone back fit, that’s how we start smashing these sides that are playing...
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    Ferran Torres - 2020/21 Performances

    Some really nice movement off the ball that was largely ignored all game. if he gets a few more games upfront I’d hope the likes of kdb spot that and start feeding him. Wasn’t really involved much aside from the well taken goal, clearly filling in in an unnatural position but good for him to get...
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    Rodri - 2020/21 Performances

    No real improvement, we just decided to play around him more than through him. Felt like every second instruction you could hear Pep screaming was to Rodri. The defence passed it around the back a lot quicker and kdb and Gundogan playing off the wide men who received the ball much earlier were...
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    Man of the Match Marseille CL (A)

    Gundogan for me, controlled the entire game. couldn’t argue with Foden or kdb though.
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    Marseille (a) post match thread

    Can’t ask for more than that. First 20 we were very good, 45 minutes afyerbthat we dropped back into the slow laborious ponderous football we’ve seen this season lacking in purpose then a little bit of magic from Foden see’s the game won. After that we played with freedom, beautiful third...
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    Match Thread | Marseille vs Man City (27/10/20)

    First twenty minutes was more the football we are used to seeing, some actual tempo and purpose to our play then as soon as we got the ball we reverted to what is becoming very familiar and decide to drop down a few gears and just keep the ball for the sake of it. it’s an incredibly dangerous...
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    CL - Marseille (A) | Pre-Match Thread

    Why is it that Gundogan keeps getting thrown into the Rodri problem? Gundogan is a fine footballer in his own right, and usually performs very well in Europe. he’s not the reason why Rodri is shit, Gundogan didn’t play at the start of the season and the midfield had the same problems then, it’s...
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