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    Liverpool away

    Still after one - can pick up this week. Reliable - bought and sold on BM before
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    Liverpool away

    2 tickets required please Bought and sold on BM before Can pick up from anywhere around Manchester over next few weeks
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    Spurs (a) CL QF

    After 1 please. Can pick up in Manchester or London
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    Huddersfield Away

    One spare at face value. Available for pick up in Altrincham or outside ground on Sunday SOLD
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    Leicester away Boxing Day.....

    3 available - 2 adults and one junior. £70 face value Available for pick up in Altrincham area or meet at the ground PM me Sold
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    I don't agree that corporates are selling on to agencies, maybe the odd one or two but generally they have bigger things to be doing with their time. My theory is that the club has a deal in place with agencies whereby in return for taking "x" number of tickets for our home games, they also...
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    Liverpool Away - Sold Out

    After 1 or 2 pls. Just missed out on points. Bought and sold off here before
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    City v Utd tickets.

    One spare in 202 near half way £40 Can meet in town or at ground Pm me
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    Everton away tickets?

    One ticket available - face value Pm me
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    Barcelona home game

    One spare South Stand level 2 £40 face value PM me Now sold to 1Dart
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    Prices for the away leg in Madrid SOLD OUT.

    Sold out last Friday
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    Tottenham home 14th Feb

    One spare ticket in East 2nd tier near half way line. Great seat £20 Meet outside
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    Leicester Home

    One spare East Level 2. Great seat £30
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    Everton Away

    1 spare. Lower Bullens. £43 face value PM me
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    Open training session Tuesday 23rd

    Looking for 2 spares please
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    City v CSKA Moscow

    Still available.
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    City v CSKA Moscow

    One adult spare. Block 221 Row B £30 face value or make me an offer. Will be in city centre all day
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    Capital One Final - Sunday 2nd March - 2pm Kick Off

    1 adult & 1 junior available due to illness £90 & £45 face value Pick up Alty
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    absolute disgrace (FUMING)

    That's true but it's no excuse for horrendous customer service and bare faced lies when you are spending £1000s year in year out. In no other industry would they get away with this as you wouldn't have the customer loyalty.
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    absolute disgrace (FUMING)

    Just sent you a PM - please contact me. Also majorly pissed off with the way we have been treated in recent weeks resulting in City selling our seats for the Barca game to some Johnny Come Lately.
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