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    Dennis Zakaria

    Who ?
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    Nobby Stiles RIP

    4 ??
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    Nobby Stiles RIP

    R.I.P Nobby England Legend and collyhurst lad
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    The HALLOWEENATHON - What HORROR movie(s) are you watching?

    The Thing The Fog Halloween Amityville horror Poltergeist
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    Stuart Pearce

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    Stuart Pearce

    I wonder where beanie is now
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    Europa League 29th October

    Dav should of stayed another year : (
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    Cat trouble

    Buy a dog
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    France Latest Terror Attack

    That’s what the poor bastards who they murdered said
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    France Latest Terror Attack

    IRA, Mafia,Spanish Inquisition.
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    France Latest Terror Attack

    They need to get a grip of these fuckin cranks,I’m sick to death of hearing oh they were under surveillance for weeks/months
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    RIP Bobby Ball

    Another one gone from my younger days R.I.P Bobby
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    Champions League games 27/ 28 October

    Walton is an absolute dickhead
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    Champions League games 27/ 28 October

    Hahahaha your jokin
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    Best left back we’ve had over the last decade?

    Clichy very underated imo
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    The Messi Mambo 2020

    He is the president and board
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    Colin Bell in hospital

    Get well soon king Colin
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    Guess The Team/Score Compy Session 1 Game 10 Sheffield Utd (A)

    Ederson Walker Zinchenko Laporte Dias Rodri Gundogan De Bruyne Foden F Torres L Sterling subs Steffan Stones Silva Palmer Cancelo Mahrez Delap Blades 1 City 3
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    Can you wake yourself up without an alarm ?

    It’s the usual with OAP’s
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