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    West Ham (A) Post Match Thread

    Slept on it, still feel shite. Watched Leeds v Villa Friday night....Leeds look like everything we were a few years ago. High tempo, fit, desire, direct incisive passing ......just about everything we’re lacking at the minute Morivation a massive issue for some of our players now by the looks of it
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    Premier League Games 17/18/19 October

    Imagine if that had been Aguero scoring in the last minute and it was ruled off, there would be riots on here!
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    The Junior Blues.....

    My daughter was in one at Gracie Fields ....Joleon Lescott carried her on stage, she was made up I LOVED junior blues growing up, the meetings at the social club third Sunday of the month seeing which hungover players would rock up. Never good if we’d lost the day before (which was often back then)
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    Champions League 20/21 | Group Stage Draw - Porto, Olympiacos, Marseille

    Come and have a look at what you could have won/where you fans could be going
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    Premier league games 19/20/21 September

    Good to see refs making use of the on field monitors ....although can’t believe that was necessary here!
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    Chemotherapy/Treatment/Side-effects: Can Seasoned Fellow Blues Give Advice To Newbies

    Some great advice on here as always. Wishing you a very speedy recovery @Mr Ed (The Stables)
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    Nations League

    How have we no left footed players in this team? Embarassing. I’m so bored I might turn off and poke my eyes with rusty nails, it’s more fun
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    Bernardo burn on Liverpool fans

    Just made me love him even more. If you’re winding up scousers you’re alright by me
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    Crazy Explosion at Beirut Port (video)

    Unreal. Can’t believe they are only quoting 10 fatalities currently, will be a miracle if it stays under 100
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    COVID-19 — Coronavirus

    My Dads 70th birthday this weekend. To think only a couple of weeks ago we were imagining winning the FA Cup on his birthday and celebrating with friends in the garden (at a social distance and wearing masks of course) That’s all well and truly shot to shit now
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    COVID-19 — Coronavirus

    We all know this is all part of a wider plan so Real Madrid can’t fly to Manchester next week ?
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    COVID-19 — Coronavirus

    hurry up please daughter flies in tomorrow !!!
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    Holiday advice

    Madness ...its closer to Africa for crying out loud!
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    Match Thread | Arsenal vs Man City FA Cup (18/07/20)

    Raheem should now have a hatrick
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    Match Thread | Arsenal vs Man City FA Cup (18/07/20)

    gets paid for it. Incredible
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    Match Thread | Arsenal vs Man City FA Cup (18/07/20)

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    Match Thread | Arsenal vs Man City FA Cup (18/07/20)

    Lots of calls for Foden to get on the pitch but says an awful lot if our hopes lie with a 20 year old inexperienced kid . Can’t be any worse second half surely ?
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