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    Face masks

    Where has everyone bought their reusable face masks from? Thanks
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    Best Scenes in a Film

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    Best Scenes in a Film

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    Quitting smoking

    Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking
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    Wayne Bridge

    Are the club allowed to take action on this? Seems quite unprofessional
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    Mark Sertori interview THE Premier League super heroes are back in the field battle tonight and dressed for success in a mask, gloves and a cape will be Manchester City masseur Mark Sertori. The former Wrexham...
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    COVID-19 — Coronavirus

    The city of Leicester may be facing a localised lockdown after a rise in coronavirus cases, Home Secretary Priti Patel has confirmed. Speaking on the BBC's Andrew Marr Show, she said it was "correct" that the government was considering the move, reported in The Sunday Times. About 25% of...
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    Finding a job for a deaf person

    Writing a few weeks on Struggling to find anything suitable Given that the main type of work she is qualified to do is admin/computer work, she could do this WFH. She is limited by the requirement of any job to communicate face-to-face or via telephone Have checked local NHS trusts, but no...
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    FA Cup Games 27/28 June

    Am I the only one who thinks it's a myth that 'near post' goals should always be saved by the keeper? It was a very good strike by Cantwell, and I don't think most would've saved it
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    A few charges -assaults, antisocial behaviour/drink-related. no prison I think this refers to prisoners only, but will have a look well, he is a hard nut, so 50 years earlier he could have ! He has worked as doorman He would be ideal for a job working with the hands, but unfortunately they...
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    Anyone able to suggest a good employer in normal times, who take people on who don't have much qualifications and have a bit of a criminal record Mate cannot get back into manual labour due to chronic severe shoulder problem. Lives in London He wouldn't mind working in a supermarket. He's not...
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    Michael Schumacher: Condition "not good"

    A big mystery how he really is since the accident but they are trying some novel techniques to help him MICHAEL SCHUMACHER is reportedly set to have stem cell...
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    CBD oil

    Just ordered a small amount from amazon - to try out without spending too much to see if any good
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    CBD oil

    How did you get on ? Thinking of getting for my Mum who has arthritis
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    Is it true you must have car to be able to get to most places unlike uk where you can walk to places unless very rural? Also, price of food and fuel?
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    To any blues in Canada, eg @Barcon , what are the best and worst things about living in Canada you think compared to the UK
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    Madeleine McCann

    no way a normal family would get this much publicity if their child went missing. McCanns obviously knew media people which helped publicise the case
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    Holiday advice

    Anyone able to guess whether they think I can go to Canada in September - would need to give work 6 weeks notice. Wouldn't go if have to quarantine on return
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    I am thinking of moving to Canada - specifically around the Vancouver area. There are job opportunities for me there I would like to be near the city, but not living in it. Up to 25 miles What are good areas to live in, in the suburbs? I am only aware of Surrey which seems to be a nice area...
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    Bluemoon Fitness Thread

    I bought a 'power twister' which isn't the same thing as a 'bullworker' but they would have some similar exercises you can do. I find an issue with these devices is they can be harsh on wrist tendons - have you found that ?
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