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    Kompany rejects becoming no 2 to Guardiola

    As the subject title say’s. Reports suggest Guardiola / City had offered Komps the opportunity to replace Arteta. Kompany wants to stay with Anderlect. Has a triple role there and investment...
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    UEFA want £275m from clubs to delay Euro 2020 - report

    The latest I have heard is UEFA want €300m in compensation from it’s Associations to postpone the Euros until 2021 if the respective Associations in Europe want to finish this summer.
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    Self Isolating City fan attends game Own up who was it?
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    U18 PL Cup - Final beckons

    In other news today we are in the FA U18 PL Final after beating Reading Well done lads!!!
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    Should we consider a new formation

    I believe full back position to be our nemesis under Pep. I know it has been fundamental to his teams set-up but I think Pep needs to consider whether it is time to change this and go with 3 CB’s. Pep is a winner, 2nd best will not be good enough for him. Out of our left and right fullbacks...
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    Left Back position

    Going into the 2nd half of the season, which of the following Left Backs would be your choice; Mendy, Zinchenko or Angelino. For me it would be Zinchenko, seems to keep things simple and doesn’t seem to lose possession as often. Has a steady influence on the team and is less likely to be...
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    Post - timing errors

    Is it just me or are others finding times on posts are incorrect. Seems to happen after about 1 hour. Has been happening for a few days now. For example I posted on a thread approx 9pm and post now shows posted at 10:42 including other members posts. I think I am reading new posts from members...
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    Benik Afobe - sad news

    Today it has been announced that Benik Afobe, former Arsenal, Wolves and now of Bristol City his 2 year old daughter has died. Heart goes out to him and his family. Also for anyone who has lost a child, very sad.
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    Scvnthorpe EFL trophy lost 3-1

    City will play Shrewsbury at home in round 2 of the Trophy. Good luck lads!
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    David Silva new appearance record for MCFC

    David Silva our beloved Magician will set a new record of 267 PL appearances for City in his next PL appearance. Will it be against the Wolves or will he be rested? David, thanks for gracing this Club you have delivered on all I thought you were capable of and more. You still have more in the...
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    Raheem Sterling - 2018/19 Performances

    First half against Arsenal and this Sterling is better than any half he played for England in the summer. He is looking top notch today. Happy for him.
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    City warned they may have to pay further compensation for Zinchenko

    This Wednesday 5th July the Court of Arbitration (CAS) will hear the following case: CAS 2017/A/4935 FC Shakhtar Donetsk v. Olexandr Vladimirovich Zinchenko, FC UFA & FIFA The report below is from July last year outlining Shakhtar Donetsk case which FIFA since upheld in Zinchenko's favour and...
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    Caballero leaving?

    In Spain Caballero is being linked with a move to RCD Espanyol where the recently departed Watford Manager Quique Sanches Flores has taken up the role as Manager for Espanyol.
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    Muhammet Besir

    19 year old Turkish striker at Trabzonspor is a target for Manchester City. Likely bought with a view to develop at another club if all parties agree. At least that was my translation.
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    U17 World Cup Draw live in Chile now!
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