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    Yaya/Kolo fans at the darts!

    I don't get out much these days, but I found myself out on the piss in Leicester on Saturday night. On three seperate occasions there were people doing the Yaya/Kolo... Has this now become the latest craze for the kids or something? This is Leicester by the way!
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    What City player was most over rated by our own fans

    Dickov didn't score enough goals despite his cult status. I thought Foe didn't offer enough other than a some goals from midfield. And Tiatto despite his industry, was a liability at times. Love all three though.
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    England - care less with a successful City?

    Ill watch England when City players are inolved.
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    Kolarov - south stand

    spot on
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    Joe harts distribution

    Joe Hart is one of the best goalkeepers in the world and 3 time consecutive winner of the golden gloves. End of thread
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    Balotelli- The best thing about England was...

    Great player. Could have done with him last weekend.
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    The Banner.

    Keep the banner!
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    Tonight's Songs at Reading

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    Actually quite excited!

    Im still fucking gutted if im honest. Hopefully I'll begin to get over it when we get some real clarity on our future manager.
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    The Roberto Mancini appreciation thread

    I dont post a lot on these boards, but I need to post on this thread. Whatever happens in the future, i'll never forget what Mancini has done fore us. Class manager and a class man. Whether this is a good decision by the board, we will see. But having a 'Chelsea like' reputation for sacking...
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    Adam Johnson

    Gutted he's gone. I thought he was a great player for us. Good luck in the future AJ.
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    The Aleksandar Kolarov appreciation thread

    I like him. Is he as good as Clichy? Probably not, but he's still got a place at City for sure.<br /><br />-- Thu May 24, 2012 3:22 pm --<br /><br /> Not a myth at all. He's is better than Clichy going forward by a long way. In fact he was often our most dangerous player mid season.
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    Gael Clichy

    I like both Clichy and Kolarov. Stick with them both I'd say.
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    Tevez v Balotelli

    Mario all day. Will be class.
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    i've changed my mind about the manager.

    Great Post. I feel the same as you at times mate. A lot of these people would be all over Mourinho after a couple of negative results if he were in charge too. Just need to ride with it and remember that the majority (although it doesn't seem like that on here at times) are sensible enough to...
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    Man management

    Great post' and I wholeheartedly agree. According to some on here though, the link between stability and success is a myth.
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    Singing the blues!

    C'mon boys!!!!!! Game on!!!
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    Spanish Mundo ABC: Mourinho made a deal vith Manchester City

    Re: Re: Spanish Mundo ABC: Mourinho made a deal vith Manchester This forum turned to shit long before we signed Dzeko and without any help from any Bosnians.