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    Most irritating TV/Radio advert.

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a> That one is up there for me at the minute. I mean, wtf actually is it? Someone got paid, for thinking that up? For fuck sake..
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    Favourite Comedians

    My favourite at the minute is Mickey Flanagan. Watched his stand up DVD the other night, was laughing all the way through. Near enough everything he says has me in stitches.
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    'Why Always Me?' T shirts

    Surely the club will pick up on this. Be silly not to. I'd definitely buy one, as would many others I'm sure.
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    Kun Aguero 16

    Kun is not Spanish for anything, Sergio's grandparents nicknamed him Kun because he looked like the anime character 'Kum Kum'.
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    Go on Djoko!

    I hate Nadal with a passion, so come on Djokovic!
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    Women you surprisingly found yourself attracted to....

    After watching the Wimbledon Ladies' final... Petra Kvitova.
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    Your Favourite Goal From Last Season

    The best thing about De Jong's goal that made it great, apart from the fact it was his first, was that it was placed to perfection. A great finish, not bad for a defensive mid!
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    New home kit?

    Still undecided on it, prefer the away kit at the minute. Although I bet when Silva pulls it on he'll make it look the dog's b***ocks.
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    Name that badge

    I swear 64 is the Seattle Sounders but it keeps on rejecting everything. On 23 at the minute.
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    New home kit?

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a> Just saw this, looks like this is going to be it.
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    If you were a footballer...

    Loads of teams. Ajax, Hércules, Dortmund, LA Galaxy. One team I would love to play for is a small French team called Vannes OC. Went on holiday there and watched a match at their ground, a typical French stadium. Plus I bet the weather isn't bad either ;)
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    Schalke 0-2 Man City

    Engalaar, what happened to him. Remembered he had a very good Euros, but not heard a thing since.
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    Manchester Coat of Arms

    Umbro, City, get on it!
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    CITY v The Rags - F.A Cup Semi-Final Official Match Thread

    Ahaha! Balo winking at the prick Wio
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    Wrestlemania stream help

    I have not, but it costs £2.99 anyway and I don't have the money for it. But cheers for the help.
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    Wrestlemania stream help

    Does anyone know a website that will stream Wrestlemania that is iPod compatible? If anyone has any info, it would be much appreciated.
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    We can still do it!!!!

    As someone did point out they do have a game in hand. Although it is away at Chelsea, who seem to be hitting form and have Torres to add to their attack. Here's to hoping!
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    tonights corrie

    I know Ashley and Molly died. But wasn't there supposed to be 4 deaths?
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    krispy kreme

    My faves are the original glazed, but the chocolate glazed ones are well nice too.
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    BBC African Footballer of the Year 2010

    Went for Ayew myself ;)