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    Most pissed off you have been at a game.

    Madrid away in champions league semi. Never gave it a go, surrendered without a whimper. So frustrating.
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    Arsenal (N) FA Cup Semi Final pre match thread

    Anybody got any spares for the game, like gold dust.
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    CAS judgement: UEFA ban overturned, City exonerated (report out p603)

    Think we might still boo the champions league tune though.
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    Best/Worst performances of the decade

    Worst - toss up between Everton or Leicester away. Best - too many to mention spurs away 5 - 1, Utd away 6 -1.
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    Europa League Games 24th October

    that's 40 mins of my life that I wont get back. fuck me even when we play shit its still 100% better than that crap.
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    Var debate 2019/20

    Don't know if it's been mentioned earlier but looking at the replay it looks to me that it brushed the defender arm as well which if true it should have been a pen but I suppose it will then depend which arm it touches first.
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    Var debate 2019/20

    Anybody else that it should be us lifting that trophy after that game. Poor game , 2 poor teams, I think even if we played poorly we would still have won that game. I feel we have throw the CL away this year or should I say VAR did.
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    Vinny joins Anderlecht as player/manager (Simon Davies follows him)

    Looks like anderlecht are now my 2nd fav team.
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    Brighton (a) pre-match thread

    You and most of the rest of the country.
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    Media coverage 2018/19

    Just watched BBC breakfast, at least 3 snidey digs at city while praising Liverpool.
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    Media coverage 2018/19

    Martin Samuels is normally a decent journo when writing articles but this one in the daily fail is a cock of shit. He's goes on about if Liverpool had not dropped points against West ham (offside goal) and arsenal they would be clear in the league. What he doesn't mention IF we hadn't dropped...
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    Leicester (h) pre-match thread

    Does he really love Liverpool, I think they sacked him like rafa, I'm sure if I got sacked from my work I certainly would not love them.
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    United (A) Post Match Thread

    don't normally watch sky and now I know why. fuck me I might have switched on at the wrong time but it was all about manu and how bad they were. hardly a mention about how good we were 2nd half. switched off after about 15 minutes.
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    Manchester United (A) - Pre Match Thread

    If we lose the league, it was lost after being ahead at Leicester, Newcastle and at home to palace and losing all three games.
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    Spurs H Post Match

    If he was playing for us and missed those chances today he would have been hounded and become our boo boy.
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    Spurs - CL 2nd Leg - Pre Match Thread

    Sergio always takes a couple of games to return to full fitness after injury. Sterling was struggling with something towards the end of the palace game just hope he is ok could prove vital if missing on Wed.
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    International Matches | March 20th - 26th

    I will be surprised if there isn't some ligament damage there after that.
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    League Cup Final Post - Match Thread

    If he's playing I'm sure he doesn't care plus I think he's most suited for that role in the absence of dino
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