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    joke thread....

    Thought I'd pop round to my nans last night see if she needed any help with halloween ..... needn't have bothered she's done a fabulous job ... front windows all grimy and cobwebbed, newspapers sticking out of the letterbox.... house in complete darkness apart from the telly flickering in the...
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    Last Night Of The Proms

    I think that if you looked at that image of them supposedly 'at the site' you would see that 1) the shadows cast aren't right 2) the infants legs are considerably shorter than in previous photographs (and we still haven't seen his face) My money is still on the yacht ....
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    Last Night Of The Proms

    Theres a bloke in Whitby who has a trawler fleet with more ships than the Royal Navy.
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    Last Night Of The Proms

    The Tories are gaslighting (again) .... they are distracting you with this nonsense whilst they plan to increase your retirement age to 75 and steal your pension.
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    New Mac Pro

    Find a student mate to buy it for you ... 10% discount.
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    New Mac Pro

    Ive had a MacBook pro since 2011 and they are the bees knees ... Im on my second one now, wouldn't change for anything else.
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    Sun glasses advice

    Use them all the time Brilliant .... look for the Specsavers second pair free offers
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    Try Bagman with Rachel Maddow. Podcast series about Spiro Agnew (Nixons Vice President) and how was removed from power. Excellent.
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    Depends what your kids want and what age they are .... Orebic (north) is beautiful , great hotels and restaurants , fabulous beaches (most hotels have access to their own which are protected by netting ) but not a lot of nightlife (other than eating / chilling / drinking )
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    Warning shot?

    If youre thinking its a heart attack or angina you should get yourself checked out at the local hospital ... they'll do all the necessary tests. But I think heart attacks start with a pain in the arm.
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    Belle Vue Dogs

    Couldn't beat a night watching the greyhound racing .... few pints..... chicken in a basket. What a life.
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    Amazing Beautiful place and people .....foods good , beers good , everything is good.
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    Gardening/planting advice

    Bamboo in pots .... easy to maintain (and move around if needed) lovely rustling sound in the breeze and if on the right side some nice shade that lets the light through a little. Remember tho ......BAMBOO IN POTS
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    Ex best mates - what happened?

    And in hers .... she ended up going out with me.
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    Ex best mates - what happened?

    It was amazing ...
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    Your neighbour is going to add two storeys to his house

    What about the 'Ancient Lights' rule?
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    Ex best mates - what happened?

    I took his girlfriend to Blackpool and shagged her ..... did I do wrong?
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    Epstein found dead in his cell/Prince Andrew interview

    yep Depends where the alleged offence took place ... there are still 9 states in the USA where sex under 18 is illegal ... there are also some states where marrying a 10 year old is also legal (with parents permission) ...
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