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    Arsenal FA Cup SF Post-Match Thread

    We need a CF that gives us a different option, like Edin. Not suggesting that we play route one but we have no physical presence up front. We made David Luiz look world class yesterday.
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    The “Hateful Eight”

    Shiek Mansour Flew to Swiss. Got off the plane and went for a Piss. Phoned up Pep, said see you later. Cos first I'll Fuck EUFA.
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    I sense trouble on Thursday

    There were no Dippers at the Stadium last night when game was on. Waiting for conformation but looks as though it was City Lads with the Fireworks or if it was Dippers they were on far side of Ground, in a car, let them off and did one straight away.
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    Etihad Campus, Stadium and Collar Site Development Thread

    Exactly. Electric Bikes FFS.
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    Pre season 80 81.The trip to Germany and Holland.

    It was Olympic Stadium. Bit of a shit hole wooden bench seats if I remember as the Ajax fans had to climb up over them and that held them off for a bit. Garry's Bar was on opposite side of Town from Red Light ( sill in the Centre ). I think he was from Sheffield and a Blades Fan who ran it. Not...
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    Pre season 80 81.The trip to Germany and Holland.

    Must have bumped into you at some stage. 12 of us did the trip. Went to Ajax V Ipswich. Behind the goal when Ajax com round a few of us stood with a couple of West Ham but Ipswich ran. So we said F this and got the Tram and they came after us. Think there was a bit of stand off and jumped on...
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    Scariest away day following City

    For me the London games in the 70s and 80s. Simply because of the Tube. If you could get direct to to Euston after the game it's wasn't that bad although there was always another bunch of Cockneys coming or going through or just turning up there to have a go. But you could normally get through...
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    FA Cup QF - Newcastle (A) - Sat 21 Mar 7pm

    So if City only take up the original 3000 allocation and sell out. Original game postponed but then if Virus Subsided an it's rearranged at short notice like the Arsenal one. There will be no time to get additional tickets out and Newcastle may have sold them to their own fans. There will be a...
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    City Fan Engagement Research Project

    Another load of shit to see how much they can put the ST prices up.
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    Coronavirus: Football Discussion Thread

    Great Banner though. The only Virus is EUFA.
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    United (a) post-match thread

    Lets just nail thss lads. Wan biscuit is probable the best right back in the Country. Sterling before his did shit in form has never got past him when he played fr Palace. (and we should have bought him) So Pep why the fuck did you not take him off. We questioned his team section in Madrid and...
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    Champions League final tickets

    First. Anyone who touts a ticket to a City Fan is the biggest Twat in the World. Secondly the Turks will have them and for a Cock up the Bum you will probable get one.
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    City Fan Engagement Research Project

    This bullshit is getting embarresing. They are employing these twats.To try and get you into the ground as early as possible to drink the the shit they sell. Wake up they have employed a load of makenting ****s to screw us. They get paid on resulets, the club has gone to the dogs. We laughed at...
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    A blog post on following City from Madrid to Sheffield via Wembley

    Funny how you never seen any City Fans being whacked with battons. You never talk about the oppressive natures before and inside the grourd.. Did you actually go.
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    Earliest City match attended by a forum member

    My Dad started taking me to the reserves around 1955. I might have done a first team but cant remember. Sep 1958. beaten 3-1 at home by Everton. Bobby Collins first game I think and he destroyed us. August 3rd 1958 Preston at home 1-1-. If Tom Finney played Centre forward for them and scored I...
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    Madrid away

    It's all total bollocks mate. City want to control they way you travel, they have seen how successful Sports Options are and want to run their own trips with Sponsors. It will be a prelude to you getting an away ticket if you go on their flights. They tried it with Thomas Cook and are not...
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    Flares and chairs thrown into our end

    How is netting a stupid idea.? There have been posts on here in various games when people have had cups of beer and piss thrown over them from above. If the first two or three rows on the second and third tier were covered in netting and Stewards placed there then it would make it far more...
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    Flares and chairs thrown into our end

    The hatred between City and United has been going on for decades and why people think it will change any time soon baffles me. It started many moons ago and was fueled by out of town support, i.e. Cockney Reds. Who used to call us Northern Wankers ( the irony ). There is still a degree of this...
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    The Definitive Story of Oasis

    New Oasis book: Some Might Say – The Official Book Of The Oasis Podcast. :