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    Cheap hotel Rooms in Manchester..

    Travelling down for the game on Saturday, and i usually pre-book a premier inn in town for the later kick offs. Looks like I've forgotten to do it this time, but been on the premier inn/travel lodge sites and they're either booked up or expensive. Was looking for something sub £100 for me and...
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    Seen Marios current twitter profile pic?

    Don't know how to post it from my phone, but it's priceless @FinallyMario
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    Just been on call Collymore

    Stan arguing that we should buy a keeper to put Joe under pressure..argued that Pants puts him under plenty of pressure, and who put Clemence and Shilton under pressure within there own clubs back in the day, it's up to other England keepers to put him under pressure. Stan immediately switched...
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    Dickov/Aguero You tube
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    Imagine you had to sign one ex city player, in his prime... add to our current squad. For me it would either be Paul Lake to play in the Gareth Barry position,(but could be convinced to bring in David White to inject some pace/width) ...thoughts
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    Johnny Vegas on 8 out of 10 cats...

    Looks in a bad way to me. Anyone else agree?
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    Petrov minutes applause

    Haven't seen a thread on this. Great touch by the club to put his picture on the big screen. Whole stadium applauded, and it looked like it was appreciated by the Villa fans..well done City
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    last season..abbreviated

    Aguero's magical debut Edin's 4 goal demolition of Spurs We beat Everton! Tevez refuses to come on :( Aguero's last minute goal against Villareal The 6:1 YaYa saves us away to beat QPR 3:2 Mario scores with his shoulder v Norwich Stoke given a masterclass at the Etihad last minute loss at...
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    Mancini tactical genius

    been watching football for 40 years, but what Mancini did today was, for me, one of the most disticntive displays of managers tactics changing the whole flow of the game. I was getting frustrated with us playing through the middle, and it not coming off for us, and was, like a lot of people...
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    Agureo the thief!

    Any one see Sergio nick the goalies Lucozade bottle when Sunderland were making a substitution. Took it out of the back of the net without him noticing and leaned against the goalpost drinking from it...did it again at the next corner, we all gave him a bit of stick, and he smiled and winked...
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    Teams that worry you...

    Not being arrogant , but there are very few teams that I get nervous about playing at home nowadays. Most weeks it's a case of "we should murder this lot". I am no longer daunted by United, because I honestly feel the way they play suits us, and I always fancy us to beat them. Liverpool at home...
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    21st November to 15th December

    ..tough run of games in just over 3 weeks: Real Madrid home Chelsea away Wigan away Everton home Dortmund away Rags home Newcastle away Bring it on!
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    Clint Eastwood speech

    Awful... <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... at-the-rnc</a>
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    Attacking the South Stand

    Been bugging me for a while this, but does anyone know why we seem to end up attacking the South Stand in the first half every week? Don't they do this on the toss of a coin every week anymore? As a s/t holder in the North Stand it suits me fine, as I get to see all these second half goals we...
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    Best ever umbro city shirt

    As Umbro have produced their final shirt for us, it got me thinking which is the best ever shirt they made for us..personally it's between: this and this *Edit (Ric): As requested I've made it into a poll. The shortlist comprises those that received a few mentions in this thread in...
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    Musical Alphabet

    any ideas for the blanks A:BC B-52's C: lo green D:ream E: Street Band F G H (from Steps) I: am kloot J:lo K:W.S L :L Cool J M:people N:RG O:MD P:diddy Q-tip R:Kelly S:Express T:Pain U:2 V: festival(!!) W X:TC Y Z
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    Roses in Barca

    .................looking and sounding tube clips look great
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    Supporters are reminded not to enter the field of play.... annoying was it hearing that message piped through the tannoy, at least twice when we were 2:1 down. We were all quietly beginning to realise that our dreams were about to be shattered , and trying to cling on to the tiniest sliver of optimism, when this message repeatedly boomed out...
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    A question on financial fair play....

    I know there's been multiple threads on this subject but not sure I've seen anyone throw this into the pot for discussion. We're all in agreement that what ffp has done is pull up the drawbridge and create a rich elite in Europe, ensuring that in future there will be no appeal for a rich...
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    ...end of the journey

    IF we win the title on Sunday it will feel like closure on a chapter of our history that started in 99. I don't believe I'll feel the same elation/relief as I did that day, because we had EVERYTHING to lose back then. We all know deep down that if things don't go our way on Sunday , it's far...
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