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    Sky Sports Subscriptions

    Sky are allowing you to pause and not pay for your subscription to Sky Sports..... simply log onto your account / My account / scroll down and click Pause. Once Football and other sports are up and running again they will reinstate the service automatically.
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    100's turn up for funeral of 100 year old veteran with no family / friends at Agecroft

    Thank you
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    Sky offer

    Not being heavily advertised that it applies to exiting customers as well providing you contract for 18 months Sky / Sports / Cinema / Entertainment package with HD for £45 a month (box sets is £5 extra)...
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    Gove gives away our schools - corrupt!!

    So this news isn't breaking but goes back to 2014 and surprisingly wasn't covered by the Tory MSM ..... It would seem that when a school or academy fell into special measures whilst under the watch of Michael Gove of the first things they were asked to do was to give up the deeds to the...
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    Another MP caught fiddling

    A Tory MP is being investigated over his expenses claims, in a new blow for the Conservative party. Westminster’s sleaze watchdog has launched an inquiry into expenses claims made by Peter Bone, the Tory MP for Wellingborough, in relation to his second home in London. It comes in the same week...
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    Qatar 2022 Organisers Found to Have Links to Terrorist Group

    Go here <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... ist-groups</a> A shocking story has emerged today about...
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    Chrysler orders 93 rare, early Vipers to the crusher

    The original Dodge Viper revealed in 1992 was a beast of a machine — an attempt by then-Chrysler exec Bob Lutz to revive the spirit of the Shelby Cobra and give Chrysler a world-class sports car. Powered by a massive V-10 with 400 hp, the early Viper's brute force overwhelmed many drivers...
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    Barca Away tickets and package available here

    <a class="postlink"...
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    Best odds for a Quadruple or Triple this year

    Any ideas what these are at the Mo? Wheres the best place to put my money?
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    Christmas Deals - IPAD Mini

    Can't find the original thread but go here for an iPad mini under £300 <a class="postlink"...
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    SKY TV - Half Price for twelve months

    Go here <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... m_campaign</a>
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    MP's 11% Pay Rise - Stop them now!!!!

    Hi, I'm supporting Tanya’s campaign calling for David Cameron to stop the 11% pay rise for MPs. A pay rise of this size is the salt in the wound for disadvantaged people who haven’t had a pay rise in years. Some of these people are receiving pay cuts, or worse, redundancy. David Cameron is...
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    MP'S 11% Pay Rise - Stop them now!!!!

    Within weeks David Cameron will be making a decision on the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority recommendation for a 11% pay rise on MPs' salaries. Initially the pay rise was meant to come with the scrapping of expenses (they use our taxes to pay for their daily meals, travel, expenses...
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    Best Bar In Playa de las Americas to watch the Blues

    After yesterdays miserable performance, coupled by the fact I was surrounded by RAGS who somehow turned into Cardiff supporters and spent the entire second half giving me abuse ........I have decided i need to change my Bar. any suggestions /recommendations gratefully received thanks
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    We're all in this together......

    Once upon a time David Cameron was known for his deft handling of the public mood. Not anymore. Last night he cheerfully tweeted the luxury menu from the G8 dinner, whilst half a million people are forced to rely on foodbanks to feed themselves. Not particularly smart from a man who is regularly...
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    Iain Duncan Smith

    Hi, Last month Iain Duncan Smith, the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, said his cuts to the welfare system had already led to more people getting back work. But the statements were not supported by the facts. Even the official watchdog for statistics - the UK Statistics Authority...
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    You're having a f*ckin laff -

    MP's want us to subsidise their booze by even more <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... -plot.html</a>
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    Slingbox or Similar

    Want to watch Sky, BBC etc whilst on hols on my laptop but as I will be abroad I won't be able to as it will recognise the IP address. Will Slingbox or Raspberry allow me to do this?
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    N Power.........another company rumbled

    Npower have been rumbled! Over the past few days a top tax expert has been investigating their accounts. Today the results of that investigation are splashed across the Sun newspaper - where it will be read by millions. [1] Last week we found out Npower hadn't paid a penny in corporation tax in...
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