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    Gabriel Jesus (injury concern)

    Stretcher out for him. Game held up for a few minutes. Just been carried off. Looks like elbow to the head. Flattened by otamendi.
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    Employable Me-BBC show

    Just watched the first episode of this and it was one of the most incredibly moving shows i have ever watched. Bret's (who has autism) speech at the end had tears running down my cheeks. Just wow.
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    Buying tickets....

    Next February a friend and I are planning to visit the UK for a couple of weeks. I am hoping to watch City play against whoever and Celtic for my mates sake. How hard is it to buy a pair of tickets from the club without being members of Cityzens. I can join the local OSC without any probs. Any...
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    Melbourne Blues

    due to an infestation of red slipper beatle, sundays final game for melbournes blue army will be at the PORTLAND HOTEL on RUSSELL ST expecting 600 so get their early
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    Probably clutching at straws but....

    Does anyone want to sell me one of these in the picture? <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ...
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    Help re: Itunes and PC

    I have an ipod touch connected to a laptop which has all my music. I have a new laptop which has music on there too which i want to transfer onto the ipod. When i connect the ipod to new pc it recognises it as mine but wants to delete all ipod music and replace it with new laptop music which i...
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    Help please Re: Scarf Have a look at the video. At 1:23 a scarf is held up by Noel. Where can I buy the scarf from? Its not on the OS. Any ideas?
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    MCFC Competition question...

    Sorry to ask but isnt City running a competition where you had to come up with a video, song, ideas etc about our club? The prize was a limited edition boxed shirt for next season. I cant find anything about it on the official site and Im sure the comp is ending this month. It was around the...
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    any u.s.a. blues

    will be in vegas when city play sunderland end of march.can anyone recommend somewhere to watch with fellow blues
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    aussie blues

    just rang charles dickens tavern on collins st to see if there showing the game on sat, they said yes but utd fans only WTF well after a heated discussion and threatening to burn his pub down i need another location to watch it now,so where is everyone going
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    Any Nintendo Wii experts out there??

    I have a question on behalf of someone else. As far as I can tell, in order to charge a remote ON STANDBY MODE (instead of having the unit "ON")you have to be connected to the "wiiconnect24" of which you need to be connected online (so that you can also receive messages). The problem is that...
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    Can someone please summarize....

    How City's players went in overnight action. I didn't see any games/ highlights etc due to time difference so any feedback is appreciated.
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    Request for 100%Manc

    Can you weave your magic and make something special for my desktop which includes next seasons fixtures.... Pretty please?
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    Not so much a technical problem but....

    i just noticed there are 2 Melbourne Blues operating. I am MelbourneBlue and i noticed on page 8 of the "today is the day then" thread that there is Melbourne Blue who has only 3 posts. Can you possibly request he/she close user name and use another?
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    A question about the Ipod Touch...

    I just picked one up and I asked my niece to bring hers around so I can copy all her music on the touch to my computer. She says "NO!" otherwise she will lose all her music on the touch. I think thats silly but she is adament that will happen. So I look on the internet and find this program...
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    Coming Home Comp closes soon!

    Well, only a couple of days to go before the winner is announced. Fingers crossed that I have polled enough votes to get me over the line. Anyone who hasnt voted, please vote for me (Paul D). Gut feeling tells me Daz will win, and if he does, there is a chance that he might take me as his guest...
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    Help send me to the derby!! The Coming Home competition.

    As most of you are aware, MCFC and Etihad are running a competition to send a fan from anywhere around the world to the Derby Fortunately for me, I have made the final 10. I would really appreciate it if you guys would vote for me. I have never been to a city game (let alone out of Australia)...
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    Hull-City my opinion

    your much to sensible for here go away
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    absolute crap

    that is all
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    sparky would have got a draw at least

    a draw would have been good
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