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    UEFA FFP investigation - CAS decision to be announced Monday, 13th July 9.30am BST

    This 100%...exactly what I was saying to my lad earlier. I'm totally convinced we have been exonerated. there will be a lot of people at lower levels in the club, who will be aware of this, and have been set to work over the weekend, in readiness for the Monday announcement, and I'm sure 1 or 2...
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    Cycling Advice

    I've got a decent road bike that I use for long distances, but recently have been messing about on my sons Hybrid bike, for just a bit of local cycling, and really liked it. Have just bought a Boardman "Adventure bike" (or gravel bike) thing ever!! as fast a road bike, but smooth as...
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    Bernardo Silva tweet controversy

    Bernardoooo (Silva) Scores 3 out 8 Makes fun of his mate Were in trouble once again Bernardoooo (Silva) Watch him when he tweets Thinks his friends are sweets We’re in trouble once again
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    Deal agreed with Bayern Munich for Leroy Sane - €60m (including add-ons)

    As far as I'm concerned, get rid. no one seems to be talking about the incident at home v spurs last year when half their team crowded round Raheem, and even though Leroy was 15 yards away, It took Fernie to run 30 yards to help his team mate, all happened right in front of me ...after the...
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    Did You Shout At Kompany Not To Shoot?

    I was just to the right of the goal. all happened too quick, didn’t have time to say anything, one minute he wasnudging the bail forward, next minute it was in the net... weird because when Aguero scored v qpr it felt to me like it happened in slow motion, this one was a “blink and you missed...
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    Vincent Kompany testimonial

    I don’t care if I’m stuck amongst a bunch of day trippers, and happy’s a chance to see a few of the old guard coming back , say cheerio to Vinnie and be part of an event that is going to help the homeless in MCR.
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    Hugh Ferris/Match day presenters

    Yeah..the “you messed it up” and we could have had a record but because of you we just equalled it..fair enough if he’d primed stones in advance, but stones looked genuinely taken aback and lost for words, then ferris goes in for the kill with “it’s an interview, you should be used to...
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    Ryan Giggs / Rhodri Giggs Paddy Power advert P19

    Am I being naive ? The ale on the pump is called “tall gooner” ..what is that referring to?
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    Media coverage 2018/19

    Very good!
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    Classic threads

    The card trick one was a belter. the teese thread, was up there, and the Wagner love thread, where we invaded another fans site, plus there was one about snowballs that i remeber being very funny
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    What is your favourite ever Album ?

    great album that, not my favourite but definately in my top 10
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    would you let your son walk round looking like this?

    the guy is a walking advert...has he never thought it might be wise, if you're in the dealing game, to keep a low profile?!
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    Todays Pitch Invasion. City v Swansea

    Yes they did..but that is not the point the OP is making. You have to remember that post Hillsborough the authorities knew that fences had to go, but were really nervous about the mayhem that might cause. Remember that football fans were viewed as the lowest of the low, and I genuinely believe...
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    The forgotten few

    few more recent ones that i reckon in a few years we will have forgotten ever kicked a ball for us..Andy Cole, Jerome Boateng, Hargreaves, Maicon, Silvhino..maybe even Lampard?
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    Your first City match?

    my first game too! next game was the following season, we beat Everton, and Brian kidd scored..I also remember him getting stretcherd off, but can't remember if that was the game..anyone?
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    Your first City match?

    The Palace manager was Big Mal. I was also there with my Dad, with my bar scarf with big badges of Joe Corrigan, Dave Watson and Kenny Clements if i remember rightly!) used to love the smell of pipe tobacco in the North stand. My first game was a nil nil with Stoke in 76. Proud to have been...
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    What's the best you've ever seen City play?

    it was the FA cup 3rd round..felt like a win at the end, remember at half time thinking they were going to do a 6:1 on us, just a couple of months after we had done it to them..everyone left the stadium buzzing, because we frightened the life out of them second half
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    Watford (a) post-match

    Remember after we beat Huddersfield 10-1 we played midweek (port Vale I think) and I think we won 5-2. No quite a 15-0 week , but close
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    Remove ONE letter from a movie title and give it a description.

    How to train your Drago: Documentary. We interview members of Russian Heavyweight boxer Ivan Drago's backroom team, and exclusively reveal that he was, in fact,a drugs cheat Sleepless in Settle: Heart wrenching story of the residents of this (not so) sleepy North Yorkshire town, and their fight...
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