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    Season Ticket Renewals - small increases (again)

    Had the same problem waited 30 minutes seat released and was able to renew
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    ‘Where Do You Want Your Statue, Vincent Kompany?’

    Not one for statues but if we do go down this path then from a guard of honour on Joe Mercer way down to the car parks
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    Focus Group - Etihad Stadium

    Don’t know if it’s me but surely fans who sit in the family stand can remain in their current seats if they wish but they won’t be sat in the family stand as that will be somewhere else
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    Do you really believe the league is over...?

    As a one off I would love to hear pep’s song blasting out of the tannoys as the players walk out on derby day and 50000 blues joining in.
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    Media Thread 2017/18

    Think I missed that bit of ffp that’s says you can’t spend 60 million on a defender
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    League cup final travel arrangements

    Anybody know if Wealdstone are doing Wembley coach parking this year
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    Is it time we went to a cashless stadium?

    Ment to say cashless only
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    Is it time we went to a cashless stadium?

    Sheffield Wednesday have a cashless system wave you bank card seems to work well
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    December TV games

    Sure I've read somewhere it's been put back a week so could be next Thursday
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    December fixtures

    Mid October around the 12th I believe
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    Europa League Games 13/20/ April

    Stand corrected sorry
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    Europa League Games 13/20/ April

    Don't away goals only count in 90 minutes so 1 goal and back to pens
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    Jeff Stelling

    Fair enough Le Tiss isn't to bad he just gets lumped in by association
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    Jeff Stelling

    Can he take the other 4 clowns with him
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    James Milner

    Must be better than our championship winning sides as he can't get in their midfield has to play left back ha ha
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    Semi-final draw: City v Arsenal 3pm Sunday confirmed

    I use cannon park next stop from Stanmore bigger car park and not as busy
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    Our relationship with the Champions League

    When we no longer need "Tonight's referee threads" then attitudes may change but until then no we will always view it as the compition were we aren't welcome
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    Barca v City Post Match Thread

    Just about sums it up