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    Wise words

    A wise man was once interviewed. "We must not become greedy. We must not become complacent and believe we have the divine right to win trophies. Despite all our successes and achievements in the past we cannot now go out and demand glory. We have still got to work for it. We will plan and we...
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    With all the new rules about respect and how referees need to be treated better will the useless shits at the FA show the game respect and punish officials in the same manner as players? After tonight's shambolic display from the appalling Anthony Taylor surely he will get a ban. His inability...
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    Still angry

    Whilst the world has jumped on the Leicester bandwagon and everyone seems to be giving them hearty congratulations and slapping them on the back I just feel angry. Really, really angry. That is my only emotion. Fair play to them and all that but how the fuck are they Champions? At this moment in...
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    Start the clear out in the medical room

    Most of us will agree that the team needs a major shake up but in my eyes the first bunch that should go is our medical team. Yet again Leicester play with the same 13 or 14 every week. How can any team expect to win things without their key players? We have lost Vincent, Sami, David, Kun...
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    We don't work hard enough.

    This is our problem in a nutshell. Whether it is the manager's fault, the coaching or the players, the reason we are not pissing this shit league is we are lazy. I watch teams with not even half our ability like Palace, Watford, Bourmemouth and even Leicester winning because they work their...
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    Will injuries cost us?

    If the amount of injuries and more importantly the amount of time it takes to get them fit again doesn't cost us I will be amazed. I am staggered at how bad this situation is. Whether it is the coaching, the training sessions or the crap medical team I don't know. What I do know is there is no...
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    Vinny's granite jaw

    Should our skipper take up the noble art of boxing when he retires? If his chin can split open fat boy's head then he could do serious damage in the ring! Maybe he should take on the fake rag Fury.
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    80s City songs

    Flicking through the radio in the car yesterday Absolute 80s played 'Give it up' KC and the sunshine band, followed by 'The only way is up' by Yazz and then 'Karma Chameleon' by Culture Club. After singing along with our version and wondering if the DJ was a City fan I hoped 'Antmusic' would be...
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    When is this bias going to end?…/status/628071382321074176 Just read this and imagine that we had signed a player for £59 million. He flops badly, only scores 3 goals and then is sold after a year at a £15 million loss. The blindingly obvious bias is incredible! It would be funny but frankly...
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    Time for a new song?

    Sheikh Mansour went to Munich in his brand new roller. Brought us back a manager. Josep Guardiola. Or this just wishful thinking?
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    Revista tonight.

    Anybody see it? Talked about their TV rights. Every club in Spain wants the law changed to make it fair except for two clubs. No prizes for guessing. One has even stopped it going into court. This an the ridiculous Bayern banner, no doubt supported by the club. As well as the rags going further...
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    Did my eyes deceive me or did Dowd celebrate Boro's second today? It looked like he almost did a dance. Not excusing the defeat or how absolutely shit we were but that fat bastard gave us nowt as per.
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    Brandon Barker for Navas?

    Is it time to throw the lad in? With every passing game Barker impresses me more and more. Crosses and scores with both feet, has pace and actually beats players. For me he looks the part and eclipses Pozo every time I've watched him. Maybe rest Navas and give him a chance. This kid could be the...
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    David Gill's face

    Anybody else notice how pissed off he looked? This is the man along with fellow rag Dyke who runs the FA and also rund UEFA with Twatini. How on Gods green earth can that happen? How can a director of a club be impartial? How much is pre arranged? Like the referee today? The game is as bent as...
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    Whilst I appreciate this could go on both the infamous agenda thread or the cheating bastard refs thread I thought this deserves one of it's own. Can anybody explain to me how on God's green earth Huddlestone didn't get booked today? While you are at it how did Fabregas get away with it last...
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    Kola the nutmeg king!

    Anyone else noticed just how many times Kolarov nutmegs opponents? He did Obertan today, not hard to do admittedly, and seems to throw at least one a game in. I started spotting it towards the end of last season. To be honest I think it's superb, the ultimate piss take. I only hope he calls...
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    Rags on TV

    Seriously what in God's name was that all about? Was Phil Neville making a serious attempt to take Owen's crown as the most boring man on TV? How fucking bad was he? The rag obsession is becoming beyond ridiculous now. Wio, gormless Keane and now this dullard. Now don't get me wrong even being...
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    Will they highlight today's dive as much as they did Yaya's last week? I won't watch it as it's bound to be nauseating but it will speak volumes.
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    Sick and tired of our 'fans'

    In the past day I have read and heard the following. Micah ia a ****, Vinny should not be our captain, Navas is shit, as is Clichy, as is Zabba. David would have scored if he could kick it with his right foot, Nasri is shit, obviously so is Edin. Yaya is shit and will hopefully be out all...
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    Did we really get it wrong?

    I'm totally confused. Surely we didn't make such a monumental cock up that we didn't know what we needed to top the group. We have a hundred coaches and countless analysts, if they really didn't know heads should roll because that is truly amateurish and embarrassing. Whether we would have got...
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