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    Stupidest thing you've ever done?

    I'm probably never gonna forget this but I was such a stupid child..... Was getting offered 'signals' by a girl. Just didn't "get 'em" and i swear i was so stupid i couldn't have done more to put her off.
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    0.9 reoccuring = 1

    Angriest, embarassed, saddest and dismayed i've been ever (I think). How stupid does the vast majority of a mathematics faculty at a school have to be to deny this?!?!?!? Had a confrontation with a Chemistry teacher. He was being so condescending saying that 0.9 reoccuring is less than 1 and...
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    Mario Balotelli, the king of prison. My favourite imminent/current superstar. Look at the kudos he gets. It's really nice to see he gets respect, Especially from Italian fans. Background : Balotelli was approached during the international fixtures recently to attend prison and he said...
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    Most underrated City player?

    Title says it all. I guess It's going to be predominantly Barry/Milner.... But, for me, It's Yaya Toure. Everywhere I look concerning him, there seems to be some sort of underestimation. Out of the whole premier league, he's the player with the most in his locker. Finishing, First touch...
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    Should you judge a book, Buy its cover.

    Ok, another thought provoking question. Let me be clear in that I'm not trying to be pompous and I'm just an ordinary guy who just wants to know the opinions of others. Should you judge a book by its cover? Well, yes, I think you should. A more appropriate phrase, for me, being "Should you...
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    Misrepresentation of city.

    Screw me. I've just got the transfer updates for FM 2011 (c'mon, you know it's good) and I've noticed that we're heavily understated in terms of stats. This just epitomises corporate biased. I can tolerate the newspapers' odd caffufle but what do the players have to do in order to be rightly...
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    The dissipation of creativity's adulation.

    I had a conversation with 3 extremely intelligent friends. The conversation spun around the way in which creativity is commended in modern times. They argued that creativity is not innate and is merely manipulated by the environment around you. While doing this, they vehemently expressed their...
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    Vieira replacement?

    Don't get me wrong, the transfer speculation has been very delicious and exciting. However, this guy made 32 appearances last season and was an conspicuous figure in a number of these matches. Do we need to consolidate this area because of his departure? If so who're the possible targets? Just...
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    Match of the day!

    This year's inaugural Match of the Day show is imminent! It's back! Let's see the pundit's myopic tactical analysis as well as the sum of today's eventful football. -Is Carroll a flop? -N'zogbia's disappointing début. - Joey Barton's encounter with the maligned Arsenal player Gervinho. - Can...
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    Game, Set-piece and Match.

    I'm an ardent fan of our set piece threat. It's the kind of attacking option that's just so unhealthy for the opposition. Many times, we compromise the other top four teams as they're coerced to field less favourable, taller players. I really do believe that'll be a huge attacking weapon in...
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    Keeping it real. City and the Spanish giants.

    I've observed alot of pessimism about how City'd fare against the two spanish giants this season, the (unfortunately) undisputed current giants of European football. I'm sanguine about Barca. Yes, after the transfer window ends, we need time (2 months?) to become cohesive like any other team...
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    Who'd replace Tevez?

    It's probably the most controversial aspect of our transfer saga. Despite vehemently believing that Tevez will stay, I find myself dumbstruck as to how he can fit in our team while exploit Aguero's talents as much as possible. Suppose Aguero is Tevez's replacement or simply that Tevez is...
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    Balotelli tailing behind

    This guy is the only player who makes me laugh.
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    Does/will anyone miss Jerome Go-ateng?

    I'm very excited about the prospect of the galavanting Savic. Maybe Mancini didn't have the time to 'develop' Boateng. I guess we didn't really need him because our defence is too good. Just seems a shame. He potentially had everything going to be an amazing attacking full/center back. Will...
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    Man City, when we play the 'English' way.

    Where teams like Us, Stoke, Chelsea can be cited as epitomising English football, I'm considering, what would be our most 'English approach'? What's 'the english approach'? Well, It's often perceived by most foreign leagues as being a propensity for the long ball, huge target men, set piece...
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    Edin Dzeko? 'Edin Somwhere.

    Edin Dzeko, the bosnian diamond. The towering 6 ft 5 inches of oxen muscle had a speculative debut season. Why? At Wolfsburg, his touch was softer than michael jackson's with a 5 year old kid. Last season, his touch was often like Michael Jackson with an adult woman. Untouched. Please, don't...
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