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    Gorton Road Closed.

    Just a 'heads up' for anyone who parks on, or near Gorton Road on matchdays. It is closed for the next 4 months between Tuley St and Vaughan St. I know a fair few blues either park in this area or use it as a shortcut.
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    Under 12's football team - Defenders required.

    We are currently looking for 2 or 3 defenders for our under 12's boys football team. If anybody has kids who may be interested in playing please PM me. We play all our games in the south Manchester region, (Timperley and district sunday league) with 10.00 am kick offs. Thanks.
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    Problems walking home from pub.

    I've been cross dressing for a couple of years and for about the last 3-4 months I've frequented the same public house when on a night out. I know there is a risk to my 'habit' but I've felt quite comfortable drinking here, even though I usually end up getting bladdered. Anyway, a couple of...
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    Happy Birthday Blue Smarties.

    19 today. He will no doubt be singing to police horses later today!
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    First Call Roofing Services

    These two guys have just carried out repairs to my 80+ year old neighbours roof. They knocked on her door at dinner time today and told her that they had noticed that her chimney was going to "collapse at any time". They said that they had the afternoon free and could 'sort' it for her for £300...
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    Fascinating Facts about Ireland.

    Can anybody please help Blue Smarties. Today, he faces the task of serving Guiness to the good people of Ireland, in celebration of St Patricks Day. The problem is, he doesn't know an awful lot about the history of Ireland and he would be grateful of a few snippets of knowledge, which he can...
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    Mancunian Way closed this Saturday?

    Has anyone else noticed the little yellow signs around the Mancunian Way, warning that it will be closed this Saturday?
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    Ouija Boards

    My 14 yr old daughter slept at her friends house at the weekend and has just told us that in the early hours of the morning her friends mother got their Ouija board out and they tried to contact the dead. Now personally this doesn't really bother me, (daughters already possessed) but my wife has...
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    They were warned.

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    Malcolm Glazer £50 notes.

    I know a few people on here have got some good ideas for next Wednesday. The Blue Alliance handing out fliers about debt. Didsbury Dave suggested ticker tape, like Argentina '78. Now I am in no way condoning littering, but... a few of these floating around the swamp might p*ss a few rags off.
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    One spare kids ticket for tonight.

    Got one spare kids ticket for tonight due to daughter being ill :(
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    Disney Pixar... UP

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