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    Sian Massey

    She was in the headlines yesterday, but I was wondering why she never gets a chance to ref a PL game. Surely she cant do any worse than some of the fools that are regularly given the chance to surprise us with the ineptitude. Wondered what others thoughts were?
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    A machete attack to head doesn't count as attempted murder??

    A man is stopped by the Police for having no insurance, tries to drive off, firstly punches the Police officer, then pulls out a machete and repeatedly strikes the Police officer in the head. Aparently this doesnt count as attempted murder in the UK these days?? And the 2ft machete isn't found...
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    Motorbike parking at the Etihad

    Last season as there was just two of us instead of the usual three for one game I took my bike to the Eithad and parked under the footbridge to the academy stadium. However on leaving I was directed north on to Alan Turing way, I wasnt allowed to head back onto town on Ashton New Road and got...
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    Wayne Hennessey

    Anybody else seen Wayne Hennessey waving at someone while having his hand over his mouth to shout at the guy standing taking the picture about 2meters away? Why he couldn't just say I was taking the piss out of my German college. I know its a little inappropriate and old fashioned but it was a...
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    Does it matter if a player comes from our academy into the first team more than if we buy a player

    Sitting on the train home after the Southampton game I got chatting to a fellow blue. I mentioned that i thought it was great that Foden got a run out at the end of the game and I hoped he would get a lot more starts. The other fella said it really didn't matter to him as long as we were...
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    Marr and Duffy

    Just seen this on YouTube. Looks like a great gig. Anyone on here go?
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    Euston Graves

    HS2 are spending millions of our money on 100s of archaeologists exhuming 45000 graves next to Euston station. The youngest burial is 170 years old. No one knows who is buried there for sure or which grave is which as all the grave marks were removed decades ago. This may seem callous but why...
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    Missing 12 lads found in Thailand cave alive after nine days

    Incredible news that those lads have been found safe and well after such a long time in the flooded cave system. Their parents must be overjoyed.
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    Cardiff trophy

    So Cardiff came second in the Championship and I saw that they were parading a trophy. Anybody know what trophy this was? I can't recall seeing a second place trophy before? Or given my age I might have just missed this altogether.
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    Purelymancity blog

    I used to really enjoy reading this blog about City. It was well researched and articulate but sadly whoever was running it stopped updating it a few years back. I was wondering if anyone on here knew why. Perhaps it was a poster on here? Cheers
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    Flight disruption

    So my wife and eldest daughter were on a plane from Manchester to Belfast tonight and while waiting for take off two people started smoking on the plane. When a stewardess asked them to stop they refused and then stubbed a cigarette out on the stewards hand. Needless to say they were then...
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    Big Flag/banner

    We sit in the North Stand tier 1. Been thinking we could do with some celebratory flag/ banner for the end of the season. Does anyone on here know where you get big flags, how expansive Are they? Are there any special arrangements to get them in the ground. Ie long poles? Cheers
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    Blue light annoyance.

    Does anyone know why the club do not replace the blue light bulbs on the top of the stanchions on the stadium. I thought they might have when we had the south stand extended. Surely you just need a big cherry picker. They started to go almost immediately we moved in and now there's is just one left.
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    Tories have lost the vote of the young generation.

    Just listened to Justine Greening announcing that tuition fees are to be frozen at 9250 and that fee repayment will start t 25k. Saving students. She forgets to say that her government raised fees by over 200% and then recently retrospectively put interest up to 6% on students who agreed to...
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    UEFA would strongly support a British world cup bid. As much as i would like to see the WC in this coyntry. A bigger part of me would prefer the FA to tell UEFA and FIFA to stick their sugestion where the sun dont shine. Up their corrupt backsides.
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    Manchester is under going huge growth

    Just been into town to look at a new site. We do predevelopment work to aid the design of buidings and pass planning. The amount of construction work going on is amazing. Dont think there is another city in the country London aside that has this kind of level of construction going on. Long may...
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    What have you got and liked and what have you had? Dont know if this has been done but not sure how to search a thread topic. So if it has apologies.
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    Craig Bellamy Foundation closes

    I suspect like most others i have always been impressed by what Bellamy did in Sierra Leone so it is sad to here of the academy's closure. But he certainly doesn't deserve criticism from FIFA.
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    Tony Blair invited to the memorial for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. But the berieved were not invited. Don't know why...
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    Ibrahimovic elbow

    Telling a work colleague about his blatant elbow on Otamendi during the derby which he got off scot free from the FA . I think I remember seeing a video clip of it on this forum, anyone got a link to it please , as I can't seem to find it? Cheers
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