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    I just hit my girlfriend

    So I hit my girlfriend today. 2 hours ago. Feel like utter crap obviously. Probably be off to the police station soon enough so I'd thought I'd you lot what happened. We were having an argument and she went too far. She made a comment along the lines of "Your loser father couldn't keep a...
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    Has anyone experience with unlocking phones?

    I'm trying to unlock a Sony Ericsson W595. I tried 'Aerix' but it's discontinued.
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    Anybody talented at Photoshop, and bored?

    Could they make a few pics for my friend? He's a DJ & Producer. Want it to say: 'SteppA' Graffiti/abstract/colour/cartoon/drawings etc. Anything like that. Please :)
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    Girlfriend wants a Tattoo

    Why am I mad?
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    Horror Movies

    Hi guys, I'd like some recommendations for Horror movies, that generally scared you at a mature age. I feel quite desensitized, and can only remember being scared by 'Friday the 13th' but I was very young. I want a true Horror movie, no SAW/Hostel gore crap. I'm open to any suggestions, from...
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    So it begins

    Another dog-fight for 4th again. Tottenham and Chelsea aren't too far behind now are they? Don't give a fart that we were at their place. We were absolutely terrible tonight and even if we had of held on, I still would of made this thread. We deserve nothing else. Our defending has gotten...
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    iPod Touch problem

    My sister found her iPod Touch, which she had previously lost for a good few months. (Out of warranty) She can't remember the password. I tried to restore it to factory settings (Hold 'on/off' + 'home' then let go of 'on/off') Instead of the option of restoring, I get this message: I've...
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