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    Digital subscription to official matchday programme

    Noticed this was included in my renewal. Anyone know how to access this?
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    Squad strength and cost

    As part of the vitriol directed our way this week after our performance at Southampton, are quotes such as us having "by far the strongest squad in the country" actually true? Comparing our current 26 man squad with the Rags, there is hardly any difference in overall cost (around £300m) and I...
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    Premier League Review

    Now on ESPN. Burley commentating, should be good!
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    iPhone 4S

    ...currently being launched. Doesn't look like a huge upgrade considering the 15 month wait. iOS 5 available to download next week.
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    Villa game almost sold out

    11 seats left for sale online. Just upper corners to sell if they put them on general sale as against Everton and then another sell-out two weeks before the game.
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