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    Is Pep making too many changes?

    2 League titles, 3 League Cups, 1 FA Cup.... no.... The bottom-line is no one has the "right" to win anything over 4 years that's one hell of a hall.
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    Again I will say this AGAIN... this isn't an attack on Bellamy, its simply showing that one player is considered a total bust and the other isn't and yet goals per game they are about the same and the overall cost was about the same. AGAIN I'm not suggesting Bellamy was a bust I'm simply showing...
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    As I said with my first comment, it wasn't an attack on Bellamy. I was just using him as an example of how perception is often coloured by outside sources. In terms of the fee, I thought I explained that away we lost 17m on Robinho and 14m on Bellamy to me that's pretty much a wash
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    Why can't yanks use a knife and fork?

    I'm not sure how true this is but I was told that historically knife making is a skill that was in short supply in the early years of the US so it was common for Americans to share knives, thus as most people are right handed it is logical to then use your fork after cutting with your righthand
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    Personally I think he gets a pretty hard time overall for his time with us, I was watching a Youtube show that ranked him as the worst signing we have made since the take over. The facts are he was our top scorer(and I believe 3rd in the league)his one season with us and that in itself wasn't...
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    Champions League QF Draw - Lyon

    Hate Bayern with a passion, if ISIS had a football team I would support them again these bastards......
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    Pep extending his contract?

    In fairness we got over Alan Ball leaving, we will cope with losing Pep.....
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    All-time City XI

    au Its funny it's much harder to pick that team, as much as I disliked Hughes, I would have to take issue with Ball not getting the Managers job!!! and I think Wayne Clarke and Adrian Heath need a mention as a strike pair their ability to look like they would never be able to find the back of...
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    All-time City XI

    Picking only the players I've seen......(first game 1979) 1, Hart 2, Walker 3, Hinchcliffe 4, Kompany 5, Curle 7, Sterling 8, Silva 6, Yaya 11, Kinky 9, Aguero 10, Tevez Can't believe I can't find a place for KDB...... but 2014 Yaya basically won us the title he was so dominant, also Lake...
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    Confirmed: Nathan Ake signs 5 year contract

    A good chunk of money for someone that's unlikely to be a starter. However, I wonder if its so high to avoid Chelsea taking their option up on him. I must admit every time I have seen him he has looked pretty good and having someone with pace the way we play is really important.
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    Should we chuck the European Champions League this summer?

    Saturday aside we are an outstanding cup team, perhaps the best the country has seen given the run we have been on until the weekend. Two legged games as something else and require another skill set, I still think IF..... we are given a fair shot we have to be in good shape to win the whole thing.
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    Would Tevez had done well in Pep's system?

    If I could pick any player I have seen as a City supporter in my time following the club(my first game was in 1979)it would be Paul Lake, I'm not even sure what the limit of that partnership would have been. Tevez is a hard one, a little like Yaya not sure it would have worked well because I'm...
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    Fans back at the Etihad

    I think we will be extremely lucky to see football in October, more realistic will be spring next year. Personally I think this is just a green light for clubs to start collecting revenue from season tickets
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    David Silva has played his last competitive game at the Etihad

    In fairness he really hasn't taken that many down the years
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    David Silva has played his last competitive game at the Etihad

    Love him great player but seems fitting in a way never craved the limelight
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    The “Hateful Eight”

    I agree with this up to the last sentence, not defending what happened at Heysel, but its fair to say, it was largely a collective effort "we" for a number of reasons (not least of which being our domination of the European game)had pissed European football off to the point it was going to...
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    Alan Ball.

    That Stoke game was the strangest game I have ever been to, Paul Dickov's debut as I recall, I always wonder what he must have thought as a first impression!
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    Alan Ball.

    Forget Manchester City for a moment and look at his career as a manager every team with the possible exception of Portsmouth end up going backwards under him and in the case of Stoke Exeter and Blackpool historically backwards. Yes City under Lee largely as a result of following Swales weren't...
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    Salty reactions from other fans and the media

    Honestly media wise I'm sure in large part the negative reaction is due to the fact that as a story City being found guilty and the ongoing actions against City think of the spike media would get if the Premier League ruled away Manchester City's titles etc.....The bottom line is the more of a...
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    CAS judgement: UEFA ban overturned, City exonerated (report out p603)

    For me this was UEFA's last shot at making sure City didn't enter Europe's elite clubs this has been a 10 year battle, today might not be "the Battle for Berlin" but its D-Day to be sure.