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    Welcome Ruben Dias!

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    Laporte and Mahrez test positive for COVID-19

    Speedy Recovery boys!
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    Merlin tests Positive for Covid

    Wish him a quick recovery !
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    Gareth Barry Retires

    All the best!!
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    Chairman Khaldoon Year End Review

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    Gerard Pique

    Not linked with us, but effectively put on sale today by the Barca president. Sid is a top notch Spain based journalist. Age is a big issue. He spend a few years at United. Homegrown?
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    Spurs thread 2020/21

    At one time, he would have started over Lloris. Sad sad decline Anyway all the best. Guess he will be playing cup games
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    Bernardo burn on Liverpool fans

    Well done Bernardooo
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    City player's salaries

    Well, in the wake of Barca's insane wage bill, I came across our players wages. Pretty well managed, I would say! (the source is twitter, its widely circulated by city twitter and that's why I have posted it, can't certainly say it's genuine )
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    Welcome Nathan Ake - Official

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    Crazy Explosion at Beirut Port (video)

    So unreal and devastating
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    And then there was One....

    :( Just came across this. Of course we all knew about this... But now the time is edging closer.
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    PL Middle East Broadcast Rights (Bein Sports vs Saudi ) - Saudi Revokes Bein's Sports licence

    Well for posters in the MENA like me ,this would affect us This won't help the Newcastle Takeover Saudi Bid. For sure UAE will follow (where I live) Interested to know your thoughts - @SWP's back
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    Laporte hamstring injury confirmed

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    Saudi to bid for Olympics

    Posted by a reliable Radio personality in Dubai. Will make some piss boil lol
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    An open Letter to Pep Guardiola from a Manchester City Fan ( not me , I couldn't write so well )

    Really good read on the back of Pep saying in the press conference he has got not got any support from the Football world. Wonderful Read , very well written . Link below from the Author. Edit :After reading a few comments here regarding letter being " RAWKish" - well , I purposely didn't...
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    Sterling : City not treated with same respect as Liverpool - Cites 0 PFA Awards despite titles

    Happy he has spoken up . I know this may not matter to us , but it clearly matters to the players ! Sterling: Everyone can see it, it is impossible that we win the Premier four or five times without the Player of the Year. This year Liverpool will win and surely the Player of the Year...
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