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    Man of the Match Liverpool PL (H)

    Cancelo by a mile (his tackle on Salah worldclass and he offered Jesus the 2-1 but his header went wide), Dias also very good. Surprising two votes for Rodri , for one won tackle and one header won in a whole game, this is the most overhyped player we have in our team.
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    Man of the Match Marseille CL (A)

    Two assists from King Kev, he was our best player today, no doubt.
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    Man of the Match West Ham PL (A)

    "Stockport Iniesta" Phil Foden is the only possible vote, Cancelo and Gundogan did their best without playing good, the other players were lazy and looked tired. With Kevin in the team, the pace was suddenly higher and we should have won anyway in the last ten minutes but Raheem could not score.
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    Is left back really a problem?

    Left back is no problem, Aké plays in that position in the Dutch national team. Cancelo can play there too. Mendy has no clue what defending is, why he keeps playing only Pep knows.
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    Vinny Kompany has retired

    He is doomed to fail as a coach at Anderlecht, they just don't have good players enough to play like City. Anderlecht have also financial worries. Vince don't want to select one of their best players,Adrien Trebel, reason why he had many fights before with former coach Franky Vercauteren. On...
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    Man of the Match Real Madrid CL Rd of 16 2nd Leg (H)

    Voted for King Kev, he dictates the pace of the game (Real could not do that tonight). Jesus worked hard, Walker phenomenal and i am happy with Cancelo who does not make the mistakes that Mendy makes, we made this year (and last season) great progress in our performances in the Champions...
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    Man of the Match Norwich City PL (H)

    KDB with no competition, 2 wonderful goals, one assist. Strange to see Merlin play his last game in the Premier League for us, a legend.
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    Man of the Match Bournemouth PL (H)

    David Silva. Ederson en Jesus played well enough, the other players may look in the mirror after this dead rubber for us.
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    Man of the Match Southampton PL (A)

    Voted for Zinchenko but without conviction. Strange from Pep to take Mahrez and Sterling off, looked the only players able to score for us in this game. Only two substitutions, Pep does not seem to care much about this result. Another less than average performance in the Premier League, it...
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    Man of the Match Liverpool PL (H)

    King Kev, worldclass. Our youngsters Garcia and Foden did very well.
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    Man of the Match Chelsea PL (A)

    Kevin followed by Walker and Mahrez. Fernandinho too slow against Pulisic (need too many fouls as well and takes too many cards), he is just better in midfield. Pulisic by far the best player on the field today. Think Zinchenko will be first choice after the non-performance of Mendy today...
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    Man of the Match Burnley PL (H)

    "Stockport Iniesta" Phil Foden won it, Mahrez close second, David Silva very good ... only injury of Kun a worry for us today.
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    Which country next for the CFG group

    Indeed strong rumours (was in news on Belgian TV) that Lommel (in 1B, is the Championship in England) will be taken over by CFG Group. African and South-American young players would easy get work permit in Belgium. Nothing is signed yet, news need to be confirmed.
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    Lokeren Away 2003

    Lokeren have been declared bankrupt by the court today. They were last season in division 1B in Belgium (you can compare this with the Championship in England). They are looking to merge with Hamme , if that is not possible they will probably restart in the lowest division.
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    Most underrated player to play for city

    Kevin Horlock, Darren Huckerby, Martin Petrov, Edin Dzeko ...
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    Most Overrated Player to Play for City

    Wilfried Bony must have been the worst player i have ever seen play in our colours, waste of space and lazy as hell. Was never high rated but every point is overrated.
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    Man of the Match Sheffield Wednesday FA Cup Rd 5 (A)

    Mahrez was active (just pity that his finishing is so poor), he did enough to get my vote.
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    Officials for the derby are...

    Oliver is tomorrow the referee at Sheffield Wednesday in the FA-cup (without assistance from VAR). Let's hope he will not get big games for us after his Anfield-performance where he just forgot to wear his red-white scarf.
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    Sheff Wed (A) - FA Cup R5 - Pre-Match Thread

    Michael Oliver(pool) as referee and no VAR to assist him. How many penalties will he miss this time? Anyway one good thing, he will not get a big game for us in next weeks.
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    Man of the Match Aston Villa Carabao Cup Final

    Voted for Rodri, Phil was excellent in first half (close second), class player. Zinchenko and Fernandinho were good too.
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