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    Philip Ibbotson

    Do you post on here ? As I have your Rotherham tickets, in error.
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    Thread formatting within forums

    Am having a problem, whereby the thread titles in each forum are wrapped around so each part of the title etc are on seperate lines. The actual thread once i enter are fine. Any ideas ?
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    Pages centering

    Hi i have a problem, whereby from time to time a page loads and all the text is centred. This is no big deal, in it's self, but i also lose the forum links at top and bottom of the pages. I have to use the main "FORUMS" link to view all forums and go back through. Am using chrome on windows 10.
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    Paid too much

    My girlfriend left her job in October and got her payed into her bank, as usual. Now we have had a letter off her previous employer, saying that they had payed her too much. Apparently they should have deducted some days holidays, that she had taken but not accrued for the year. They say we have...
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    Premier Years 2011/2012

    The 6 - 1 and Agueroooooo! on SS5 at the mo.
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    Looking to buy the above. Don't really know what spec i should be looking for. Just want a pair that will bang out a decent sound from my PC. Looking to pay £50 ish max. Any recommendations appreciated.
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    Alan Hansen and BT Sport

    Alan Hansen. Seems he's landed a job with BT Sport. So, sorry lads, looks like we're having to put up with him a bit longer. :-(
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    Watch a lot of our games on TV these days, will be there next week against WIgan. Hear the commentators dying for us to lose. Why ? You hear what that Twat5 said near the end today ? well I tell you. Tyler says. This side is what money buys you and that is what this games been about...
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    Pick those bastards out the net

    Just has to say that. Mods feel free to delete if inappropriate.
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    Last years xmas booze

    Sell by dates. Me and the lass are just finally drinking last xmas booze ready for this years stock up. I must say it's matured nicely, though I don't know if the sell by date matters on alcohol. I always thought the older the better (booze that is). Just for your info we're having port, whisky...
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    Notts County

    Right just to clear up any misconceptions about fucking istree. The club named in the topic has the longest history. There's no such thing as big history, as this is a concept of past and time not fucking size. Sorry , but the spuds ,arse and scouse that keep harping on about it do my head in...
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    Music Help Needed

    Just a question for any music buffs out there. The video contains 2 lads moving big fuck off speakers into a place and then blasting 'em out. What's the tune and who's it by ? Cheers.
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    It would be nice...

    If when someone makes a suggestion of a player to buy and we disagree. Maybe we could reply with some constructive criticism of why this player is not for us. Not "Oh he's shit", remember we can only dream of being as SHIT as him. OR maybe it's because we don't know the player as well as we...
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    Premier League this Season

    Why is this years being classed as worse than any other year. By that, I mean not just for us. Many keep saying it's weaker this year. I don't see this. Are we saying that the 3 promoted teams from last year aren't as good as the 3 relegated, because that's the only change in the league from...
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