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    Most pissed off you have been at a game.

    Memories of 14 years ago yesterday come to mind with the 4-0 thrashing at Wigan when we were 2-0 down before most people had sat down having paid £40 for the privilege. That one is up there for sure but mine is the FA cup game at the swamp when Neville was sent off and we still managed to find...
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    8 years ago today

    The hottest October day ever I think. Blackburn away 4-0 win. Mario and Johnson on the scoresheet with Nasri and Savic. All goals in 2nd half at our end. Top day out! Who was there and who survived being oven cooked on the top tier?
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    Lunya Restaurant

    Sad to see the news that this is closing down as a result of the lockdown. Good restaurant. I hope it isn’t the first of many but fear it might be.
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    A remarkable 9 years ago today!

    Where does time go. What a joyous day this was.
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    47000 my arse!

    Have you ever seen the kippax as rammed as this Enjoy....what a great day this was
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    Northern Quarter Robberies

    Not good! Beating people up for possessions. Hope they catch these quickly!
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    Rob Burrow

    Any rugby league fans will know this fella. A super player for Leeds Rhinos. 37 years old. A terribly blow for him and his family and a terrible illness.
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    Gravy on cheese and other weird food habits.

    Is this normal? I was just queuing up in the chippy and the woman in front of me had chips with cheese on top and then gravy on top of that. Looked mingin. Any other weird food habits that you lot have?
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    Vinny Book Signing

    Just read he is at the Waterstones in the Arndale at 1pm on Monday 11th signing his book for anyone with the time and the inclination.
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    Best start to a film

    Some good choices for best ending but what about best starts. Films that grip you from the opening scene. Saving Private Ryan
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    What did you collect as a kid.

    Seems to have gone out of fashion a bit with today’s youngsters as they have it all but I seem to remember collecting stuff was pretty popular back in the day. I had a few. Beer mats - no surprise there as my dad worked in a Brewery and was in the pub a lot! Marbles - used to love a game of...
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    Johnny Marr - Albert Hall Sept 5th

    Got two spare for this if anyone interested. Face value with booking fees was about £34 I think but will take £50 for the pair.
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    Wage Growth

    I keep reading that wage growth is flying. They were talking about 3.6% in the news today and the best growth since 2008. Is anyone seeing pay rises like this without promotions etc? I’m not. Haven’t had a pay rise for 3 years.
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    Cheap flights - Tenerife

    Easyjet launched Liverpool-Tenerife today From November. Flights as low as £40 return. Not sure how long they will last at those prices as Manc is double on most dates. Anyway thought I’d share for those who like a bit of winter sun!
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    Thomas Cook

    Not looking too good for these! Share price been hammered in last 2 days and down to 10p a share. Citibank has said the shares are worthless. They really need to sell their airline sharpish. They are “reassuring people” but once companies start doing that and it hits the news, people tend to...
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    Wembley Travel Plans - Underground strike suspended P4

    Thought I'd post this to keep it separate from the game/ticket threads (and I need some advice) I usually stay over and train it but this time I'm going to drive part the way there and train the rest. Ideally don't want to train it into central London and then out again so avoiding Hemel/MK...
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    Agents Fees.

    Mind boggling what these lot earn.
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    Any good or load of overhyped shite? Missus fancies it but I’m not so sure. Flying just past Syria and over Iran doesn’t inspire me either! Anyone been and give me an opinion? Cheers
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    Huddersfield Away points criteria

    I know this can be easily missed on the website so thought I would post as they went on sale at 9am today...
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    How many days holiday do you get?

    I get 20 plus the time between Xmas and New Year which is compulsory plus bank holidays. I’ve pretty much run out. As I get older I want more! The missus gets 13 weeks. I’m jealous.
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