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    Erling Haaland

    I don't know that he's over-rated on here. He's a monster, an absolute monster. No doubt. However, I'm pretty sure Pep, being Pep, would turn his nose up at him and go for someone with a silky first touch. By Pep's way of thinking, Haaland is a sprinter pretending to be a footballer.
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    Covid vaccine uptake - poll

    Oh brother. That's like taking an issue in a conversation about football with someone saying Barca were nowhere near one of the most valuable teams in the world, because i read an article in which they were placed 8th... but the article contains NFL, Baseball, Basketball, and F1 teams, and so...
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    That (those) monolith (s)

    I'll tell you what, without more reliable accounts from independant witness than we've had so far, it could easily be 'faked', or an AR scuplture, (2)
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    That (those) monolith (s)

    Lets see.... N = 1.5 x 10−5 × 10−9 × 0.2 × 304 = 9.1 × 10−13?! You're more likely to wake up next to a guy with two heads. Anyway, I looked at this and the guy recording his walk in a straight line, and realised both were very close to the Land Art Richard Long | (2), and Andy...
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    VAR - 2020/21

    Said it ages ago that I could not understand the dearth of official information available. The video highlighting the technical flaws is spot on, it took me about five minutes to come up with some pretty fundamental problems that would stem from using the ordinary camera feeds. It was sold to us...
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    Covid vaccine uptake - poll

    Hopefully. We're largely deluded anyway, and I don't think this current series of delusions is working out well for us.
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    COVID-19 — Coronavirus

    Two groups. The vulnerable (including those who don't respond to the vaccine), and those who are not vaccinated. The end game is probably as simple as this: Exclude one group or the other.
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    Lautaro Martínez

    I thought the same, but I'm beginning to think that whilst Martinez really is quite similair in so many ways, just him being young, very fit and a true workhorse is worth considering. I think he might have a bit of the Tevez never-stop hassling thing in him. He's also been compared to Radomir...
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    TV Series

    Four episodes into Perpetual Grace... dunno if I should continue? I like a bit of Ben Kingsley as much as anyone, but it seems a bit too keen on aping the Fargo black comedy thing?
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    Last Film You Saw

    The King Of New York The soundtrack kicks. The stylised visuals of 90s New York are off the scale. The story hints at the true extent of the corruption of NY, and the film clearly captures a moment in time extremely well. But it boils down to mindless ridiculously poorly staged...
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    COVID-19 — Coronavirus

    I would imagine we'll see certified passport apps on mobile platforms. Most of these places will use loyalty apps already. Seems easy enough to repurpose / piggyback them. Could be done bluetooth/wifi/nfc, or just have your phone generate a QR code that the POS scanner can read. I just hope we...
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    COVID-19 — Coronavirus

    Govt has published an analysis supporting the need for restrictions and the tier system, in advance of the 5pm briefing...
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    Words and phrases you don't hear any more.

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    Match Thread | Man City vs Burnley (28/11/20)

    We really needed this to get our GD back on track.
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    Match Thread | Man City vs Burnley (28/11/20)

    65 mins Man City 3-0 Burnley Jay Rodriguez's attempt in the 61st minute was Burnley's first shot on target at the Etihad in the PL since January 2017.
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    Match Thread | Man City vs Burnley (28/11/20)

    8th tonight lads!
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    Donut Thief Copper

    You're missing a crucial piece of the puzzle here. Own brand doughnuts (usually baked on premises) are about 65p a packet of five/six. Also, we're either talking about loose carrots, or Value brand mis-shapen offcuts. Packaged and prepared Chantenay will set you back a couple of quid or so.
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    Covid vaccine uptake - poll

    Pretty sure that offering someone a job on a condition, say, them getting a haircut, does not make the employer liable if the barber accidentally takes off their ear. It's still likely to be seen that it was the individual's own choice to accept the job offer and the conditions, or refuse it...
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    COVID-19 — Coronavirus The order of priority for a potential vaccine has been set out in nine stages: 1. Care home residents and staff 2. 80+ and health and social care workers 3. 75+ 4. 70+ and 'clinically extremely...
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