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    Victor Moses

    After signing Jesus, it appears from those ITK that City are on the verge of signing Moses.
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    Somewhere to stop for food, Portsmouth way

    Heading off to France on Saturday, getting the boat from Portsmouth about 8pm. So I want somewhere to stop for a bite to eat with the wife and kids about an hours drive from Portsmouth. Nothing fancy, a family pub off a motorway junction, a Chiquitos or Frankie & Benny... that sort of thing...
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    Motivational /Inspirational posters... your opinions

    I believe these type of posters are very 'common across workplaces throughout the country. 1. Do you work for a company who adorn their walls with these type of posters? 2. If so, what type of company/industry are you in 3. What do you think of them… do they inspire you, motivate or have the...
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    E-commerce Gateways - anyone use them?

    I'm very near launching an e-commerce site to accept credit/debit card payments. I've been reading up on the best deals, the ins & outs etc. to see who to open an account with to handle my transactions. It's a small enterprise (just me), so I don't want anything expensive and fancy that big...
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    The Staves at Gorilla tomorrow night - 2 tickets

    I've got 2 tickets for for The Staves sell-out gig at Gorilla on Whitworth Street tomorrow night, but I can't go. That's £20 (for the pair), whoever wants them - you can pick 'em up from me or I might be able to drop em off for for you if you live between Altrincham and Northwich. Short notice...
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    o2 Broadband now owned by Sky - I'm not happy

    Just got an email from o2, informing me that from Autumn, I will be a Sky customer. I'm not happy with this at all. I avoid Murdoch's companies (newspapers and TV) and now I'm one of his customers! It's a pain in the arse this, I'm more than happy with o2, I get a crackin' deal and the customer...
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    Going LTD from sole trader info please

    I'm a self-employed sole trader wanting to go Limited, so I can charge VAT for products I'll be getting charged for and selling on. I'm in the middle of filling out the form on the Companies House website and I'm not sure about what to put for: Class of share: GBP - Ordinary <<< is this...
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    Just had my post delivered

    It's 6.30pm and the fucking Postman has just walked up my drive and delivered the bastard post. Half fuckin' SIX!! Half fuckin' SIX!! A credit card bill, some junk from SpecSpavers and some shite from a charity. Half fuckin' SIX!!!
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    The "Let's Go Hunting Group"

    Interview on R5 now, have a listen 10.20 am It's a group of parents who go hunting paedos.
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    Morrissey on Thatcher

    Sorry to start another Thatcher thread, but I'm sure many are interested in what the great man has to say on the demise of the old hag:
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    Dogging Tales - 10pm on C4 tonight (Thurs)

    This has gotta be worth a watch - never seen the appeal of going to a car park and wanking over some bloke's missus while she gets backdoored off a stranger - anyway this documentary should be a bit of an eye opener.
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    Techy wordpress help needed please

    I've just uploaded wordpress via FTP for a client, I did the database and user stuff first, went to the domain name hoping toaccess the log-in page but got this message "Your server is running PHP version 5.0.4 but WordPress 3.5.1 requires at least 5.2.4." Can anyone shed a bit...
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    Would you turn down a knighthood?

    On the back of Danny Boyle turning down a knighthood, saying he believed his contribution was no more important than any of the other volunteers. Great gesture, not one to bask in glory and take all the plaudits. It's nice to see a famous figure being humble and not wish to be called "Sir" off...
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    That dancing pony ad at the top of the page...

    ... I keep catching it out of the corner of my eye, all that pumping and gyrating. I keep thinking it's porn, until I actually look properly at it. It can't just be me. It's doing my head in.
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    Parks and Recreation

    US comedy series starts on BBC4 tonight. Anyone on here seen it? Worth watching?
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    What a beautiful day

    It's gorgeous today. Not got much work on, so went out with the dog, walking around Marbury Park and Anderton. Lovely and bright, crisp, birdsong everywhere, few squirrels knocking about, other walkers out wishing everyone a 'good morning', chatted to a milf, threw sticks into the lake for the...
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    How long do you wait for bad payers?

    One for the self-employed and small business owner this. How long is too long, before you take action?
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    Government's Work Programme - failure

    So the government's brilliant back to work scheme has been a huge failure according to MPs. Projected targets of getting 11.9% off benefits and back in work have failed massively with only 3.6% of people on the programme actually getting permanent work. So bad has this programme been, that if...
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    Tips on how to focus

    I work from home a fair bit. When I'm doing work for clients, it's no problem - but when I'm doing stuff for myself (new ideas/ventures), I get distracted very easily and don't see things through. Things like the dog, laundry/school-run and preparing the tea, do get in the way. These aside, I...
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    What's your favourite...

    ... thread that gets repeated every fucking month or so? Mine is the "Who's your favourite Bluemooner?" where we all get to suck each others cocks for 20 pages or so.
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