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    Kevin De Bruyne - 2020/21 Performances

    Another assist tonight against Iceland. He will smash the assist record in the league this year. Beast of a player.
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    Fire at the Swamp!

    Hope the place burns downs.
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    Been offered the chance to do my diploma in insurance through my job next year, the first subject is English Law (PO5) Has anybody done this or know of any good books I could read before starting?
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    I'm Spazticus (channel 4 now)

    Pathetic but funny.
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    Looks a snip at 9 million!
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    Looks a snip at 9 million!
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    Piccadilly Gardens

    Place is the pitts in the sun, it's like dss city drives me mad working all day, then coming out to see all the piss pots drinking, sitting in the sun all day. Drinking free beer paid for by the taxpayers money absolute disgrace. Lazy fuckers should be out looking for work!
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    Casey Anthony

    Should be behind bars. <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... ators.html</a>
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    Anybody have a link for absinthe jailbreak or redsnow I have an iPad 3 on 5.1.1
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    I know this is old news but watching Wimbledon yesterday, I felt proud of Andy Murray he was in the school that very day. In his autobiography (not read it) apparently mentions how he went to scout clubs run by Thomas Hamilton and that his mum used to drop Thomas Hamilton off sometimes at home...
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    Maths for Children

    My little girl is in class one and is struggling on the Maths side of things, I do my best when I can (sperated so that's why I don't do every night) anybody know of any really good techniques or books, items I can buy she's only 4 and a half, and apparently should know the 2 times tables!
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    Chartered Insurance Institute (cert Cii)

    Just been revising for my IF1 exam in January, is the exam tough and does anybody know if the qualification is worthwhile?
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    First time buyer

    Saved up some cash for a deposit, spotted a decent newish apartment going for 60k all Im going to do is rent it out. How much deposit will I need, where is the best place to go bank,mortgage company? Mortgage type? I have no idea where to start, Obvioulsy it's a big decision and I don't want to...
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    Places to eat in town

    Wheres the best places to go in town for a steak then a few beers. Need to impress as I only have a few hours got to be up early for the wembley coach,
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    Pigeon chest

    I have pectus carinatum, anybody know of any specific exercises which will make it less visible. I know it won't go, and I'm stuck with lol.
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    Changing money over

    Off on a stag do to Salou tomorrow, need to change money to the Euro. Anybody know the best rates
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    Changing money over

    Off on a stag do to Salou tomorrow, need to change money to the Euro. Anybody know the best rates
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    EDL Help

    Right been thinking of this topic for while now. Friend of mine in the EDL giving his spiel about the Koran and how Muslims should be kicked out of the UK. I don't really know much on the Koran. Tried to defend and say everyone is equal, anyway he basically wiped the floor with me and made me...
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    Thursday Night Channel 5

    Dont care going to be a great season next year.
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    Clubs Player Of The Year

    Tevez for me player of the year for me by far. Its still a joke he got some stick from the boo boys calling him Dickov etc ( Dont think any will post in this thread saying how wrong they was wrong) by far one of the most talented players to play for City. The boo boys have been here for years i...
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